Gears 5 has over 100 k active players?

Thank you. That explained a lot.

Microsoft deleted all the negative reviews on xbox store to bump up Gears 5 rating. It is most likely false.

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#FakeNews . This has already been debunked.

Why in the sweet jesus would anyone buy this game? lol
Yeah, bizarre coming from me since Ive been buying special editions of the game since Gears 1 release, but I can say this is the first one I don’t own a physical copy of due to the Game Pass and Im glad cause it wouldn’t be worth it. Still play it, still enjoy it sometimes but I do not see why anyone would buy a copy of this game.

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Debunked by who? Microsoft and TC? Unless a private investigator has published real evidence anything those 2 companies say about it is debatable. Reviews have disappeared in the hundreds.


Not entirely true. As you can see from the quote, something did happen to the reviews and TC acknowledged it. Whether it was intentional or not on MS’s end remains to be seen. Unfortunately, we may never know the truth.

Being somebody who has actually looked at the xbox store reviews, well for starters I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually delete reviews, but… What I’ve seen be the case is that they just lie about the reviews and show that theres barely any 1/2 star reviews, but if you filter to only see those reviews, then it shows a lot more

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Seems highly suspicious doesn’t it? I understand TC not being able to do anything, obviously as they don’t have admin access to Microsoft to change anything.

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I’m just saying there was a lot of low level players on ranked over the holidays. I don’t know where they came from…

Yeah that is why i always See the same names in ranked

Must be people picking up the game for the first time due to spare time or people purchasing Game Pass.
I was just trying to say Id be surprised if anyone actually bought this game.

LuL @ “private investigator.” All you have to do is set the correct filters on the review page to see that all your precious 1-star reviews are still there. Ultimate edition has 1,339 1-star reviews dating all the way back to launch, while normal edition has 1,095. The idea that TC or Microsoft is going through and deleting all the negative reviews is just the latest in a line of Alex Jones conspiracies that the bitter Gears 5 haters on this forum have propagated. There’s zero evidence of any sort of mass deletion.

Here’s the response of the average Gears 5 hater whenever they see a new 1-star review.

You obviously haven’t been reading anything posted on here or around anywhere TC bootlicker, but TC has confirmed themselves that huge amounts of reviews have disappeared. So even though those “1,339 and 1,095” reviews are sitting there, there are plenty more missing.

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Go ahead and link to this.

On this Forum from Octus.

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LuL, I figured this is what you were referring to. There’s nothing in Octus’s post confirming the conspiracy that there has been mas deletion of reviews. In fact, the most useful information in that post is that neither TC nor Xbox Game Studios even has the ability to delete negative reviews. This post literally disproves the conspiracy theory. All Octus is saying is that he’s reached out to the Microsoft Store team for information. Again, zero evidence suggesting mass deletion of reviews.

The must be as there is “cause/reasoning”. Otherwise why waste time flagging up something false to the Store Team? Something happened somewhere and now everyone is asking who has done it, but no one will confess anyways.
Working for a multi-billion dollar company as a Returns Problem Solver for countless of years Ive seen it all now as mine deals with every other company selling something. Reviews disappear, not all but enough to change things for the better, not to mention how many “false positive reviews” are bought.

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…because he’s the Senior Community Manager, and it’s his job to address the concerns of the community, even when they’re baseless (as the appear to be in this case).

You’re wrong. Please learn to read and take the L on this one. 'Nuff said.

You’re wrong. Please learn not to propagate baseless conspiracy theories and take the L on this one. 'Nuff said.