Gears 5 has over 100 k active players?

If I search for most played xbox games on Google. I find the Microsoft site where the most played games are listed. It says gears 5 has 146 k players. Is this manipulated or something? I get the same people a lot.

Why would they not have? Globally. The thing is that they had over 3 million on launch. It’s a drop.

Because last month the number was 6 k^^

That’s weird because it’s never went under star wars battlefront 2 on TAs list. And that game has 19.000 players or something. Might measure on a specific day of the month or something.

Gears 5 is number 74 as top paid game on the xbox store, so i would have to guess that 146K players is probably an old number.

Edit: 146K is the amount of reviews, not current players.


It has only 2247 reviews?

Keep in mind, Christmas just passed and there’s a ton of people who probably chilled on Christmas vacation and played the campaign. With several modes in this game and a world wide player base, it doesn’t mean there’s 147k ppl playing VS in your region at this moment.


There is no chance it has 146k mate. More like 6k


That is exactly what I am thinking, even with the holidays and all. I have no idea how they calculate it.

I know its only pc but whenever I check steam its between 400-650.

I knowwwww its only pc but still

There’s a ton of low rank players on ranked pvp right now so I would say Christmas probably provided a spike in players who got the game at Christmas.

Ryan said there were “10s of thousands” playing Versus in one of the older streams when he was explaining the Ranking system, and this was well before the Holidays/Operation 2 which probably saw another spike. As others said, when you start at 3 million, this shouldn’t be that shocking, it’s still a very big drop.

But yes those claiming the game to be “dead” are obviously wrong. If the game was completely dead, TC wouldn’t continue to support it.

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Questionable that is being supported. There are issues from the Tech test still not addressed. You could debate the game played better then.

If you leave the k off…then 146 is about right🙄


Star Wars BF2 is 14th on the Xbox most played. It usually sits around 17000 players, Gears 5 is 35th or there about, so I think it will be considerably lower.

So Gears is listed nr 22 most played game at TA. latest be three days ago 01/06.

  • The chart is compiled on a Monday morning, and takes gameplay data from the previous 7 days.
  • The data is taken from a huge pool of active Xbox gamers (over 2 million)
  • The gamers come from everywhere across the globe
  • The gamers are not just TrueAchievements users, it’s a general cross section of Xbox gamers

TA ?

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