Gears 5 Has No Battle Royale Mode At Launch, Could Come Later

“Gears 5 does not include a battle royale mode,” Cleven said. “We’re big fans of the battle royale genre, but we would want to ensure we bring a battle royale mode to Gears in a meaningful way. We’re actively listening to our Gears community and will look to further evolve our game modes based on player feedback post-launch.”


Yea something most Gears fans dont want

Imagine a BR 50 vs 50 on Ravens Down. It would be like Chinese People on a train car. All you’d have to do is turn left or right and you got 5/10 kills


Yea, to be honest, I kinda hate Battle Royale in general. It works in Fortnite, and PUBG. I played the Betas of Black Ops 4, and their copy-pasted version of Battle Royale just didn’t go over well with me, I hated it.

Gears has FFA modes, but it doesn’t seem like a shooter it would work well with, without the devs putting way too much time into figuring it out, when they could spend that team improving on other aspects instead.


Its definitely not “traditional gears” then again neither is Escape or Arcade.

I always thought a BR mode with 100 Players and 3 Respawns would be good.


Have a 50 Team BR with each team having 2-3 players.

Listening to the community? Ha. Most do not want it. Although they wont listen and add it probably because they want to cater to the new age of gamers as in Fortnite and PUBG like I said in a different post.


Fans may include casuals, like those that have played Battle Royale games already. See Arcade mode for example. Which audience does it cater to? So generalising that most Gears fans don’t want Battle Royale, won’t make sense. Unless we put up a poll for every Gears player to vote.

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I mean if they can make a Gears version of BR I would definitely try it out. But the BR play style doesn’t really fit Gears. Searching for weapons before you get into battle just doesn’t seem right

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1490566485476 If they even THINK about adding Battle Royale cancer, I will be 100% done with this series. It’s already at extreme thin ice at this point for me.


It could work like Arcade. Getting eliminations, headshots and executions could give you skull points to use. To fabricate a random weapon out of thin air.

You won’t be forced to play this if it was ever made. You’re just looking for an excuse.

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Don’t care. It’s a cancer that wastes time when that game development should go to other areas.


They could have multiple teams. So progress for the other areas doesn’t get hindered.

Edit; Actually, maybe. Since node said it would require a lot of focus.

With so many Quality of Life improvements needed, from GOW4 until now, I’d like to see the QoL areas catch up to other games of recent years, before anything else.

I was thinking Japanese train cars. Don’t Japan employ people specifically to help push and cram passengers onto/into trains?

But yes, Battle Royale sounds horrendous. The only good Battle Royale is the Japanese movie of the same name. Fantastic fun!


No. Body. Wants. It.


If TC can make a Gears style BR and bring more players to the game then it would be worth it. Its just cant be a standard type BR

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Could be I always thought it was the Chinese but I could be wrong

Did you miss the part that some TC devs are fans? Either way, I would want a Battle Royale version of Gears. Even though I’m not interested in other Battle Royale games.

And people will just see it as another trend chaser just like Black Ops 4 and Battlefield V.