Gears 5 has fallen out of the TOP 50 most played games list on Xbox. Change the game back

Brand new update with Story mode DLC attached and the game has still fallen out of the Microsoft most played games top 50.

How is this the right direction TC?



Time to revive this old thread ?


Embarrassing… Halo and Gears of War are Microsoft’s two major flagship titles.

Microsoft needs to support TC more… and bring this game on top.


No worries. Beta tuning goes live next month. Everyone will be flocking to the game to play gears of water. They’ll be so hooked camping the corners of canals in their scuba gear they won’t be able to play anything else.


Is completely embarrassing with how big of a game gears should be

I’m deeply enjoying gears 5 again but it’s most definitely a flop on the whole, however some try to defend it

The fall of Gears 5 . I said since day one. Catering to casuals instead of making a skillful game. And not having enuff nards to shorten the GIB range.

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game hasnt been for casuals since launch. dev tuning is making moves more readable and giving more counter play. Making the game faster and more “skilled” and more reaction gameplay isn’t going to bring players to the franchise.

Problem with gears is the PvP is too daunting. There is a reason why games like SC2 died. You can have the most complicated and skilled game in the world, it doesn’t mean people will flock to play it for competition. Meanwhile easier games like LoL florish due to how easy it is to understand and clear counterplay.

It’s 10th on Mexico and people don’t understand why they play with mexicans all the time.


It was like 25 at op5 launch, and 35 two days ago. It’ll be back up again. I don’t get why people make threads like these.

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Nobody wants easy play. That’s what non rank play is for. Surprised you didn’t know that. Anyways, nobody wants a noob to get a ridiculous head shot from far away without trying.

That’s a big problem why people got turned off. But that’s just 1 of the problems. The controller can 360 turn. Not just forward and backwards. Skill play will at least bring back hardcore players. It’s no man’s land right now.

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That isn’t really a justification tho.

The game lost major popularity in the United States due to playing against Mexico and lag. It was all over the official forums with complaints for years.

So… That is like waiting on an outcome to occur and then using it as an out.

We would have been able to maintain a healthier player base if the nation’s were separated.

We really got to stop with these excuses as to why we have to play together.

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It’s actually at 29th right now


not saying that, dont exaggerate to make a point.

one of the biggest issues is the high sensitivity tbh. the high sensitivity was a prank in the gears 3 days the dev did, as 20 used to be the max. they made it 30 as a joke but it stuck for some reason as support for the game dropped.

a game like LoL “if you know what that is” - is easy to play but has plenty of things to do to succeed.

Oh look… Gears is back between Top 20 and 30 in English speaking countries, too! Thanks to OP5 and HiveBusters! Or thanks to Santa Marcus!?

Definitely is a result of Op5—TC fixed the core issue with Matchmaking. Though when I played in a tournament last weekend, the ping made a difference across players; many of them were from the US, so I was at disadvantage. It’s really hard to play against the ping because you have to predict moves ahead all the time—e.g., I have to shoot 50% sooner to compensate the lack of response time in real time. This is not always possible. I’m truly happy with this Operation tunning because I was able to made it to masters in two playlists only in five weeks time! That is rewarding if you almost play 24/7 365 since GoW4.

They don’t listen to real players/fans of the game who don’t profit a single dime.

Instead they cast us aside & don’t even try to understand why we’re so unsatisfied.

I get so much heat for speaking my mind & labeled as “non constructive”…

A top player of over a decade who never came on here until I had to voice my disappointment.

I wasn’t a pro or anything but I was a top player for over a decade that you’d never heard about. just playing gears since I was 13 quietly, not trying to make a name for myself or anything. No social media’s, no YouTube’s, not trying to gain any extra edges. A simple Xbox one with a simple wired control is all ive ever played with.

No mod controls or enhanced monitors or anything like that.

Not trying to gain attention. Just playing a game.

I didn’t profit a single penny or demand anything from the developers. I was satisfied & that was more than enough for me.

Now , I try to express why I don’t want politics & a gender check mark in the game & I get back lash.

Like I’m being real. I’m one of the realest down to earth players in this game.

Someone needs help doing something I’ll help. Or wanted to play I’d play, didn’t matter what rank you were or how long you played. I don’t care about losing because I’ve been a top player since this game existed so it means nothing.

Maybe I was too hard & vocal.

But all I want is the best for this game.

You go back to OG gears & blood is everywhere. That’s what I love. You couldn’t wall bounce crazy but you could strafe & pop shot.

Now people wall bounce & abuse aim assist. It’s easy to do if you know how & even if you take aim assist off it’s mandatory for all core PvP.

Yeah there’s a degree of skill in gears 5. But in my humble opinion all that bouncing & modified controller settings just makes this game even more immensely laggy than it already is.

I can bounce too. I’ve had my share of battles so I’m not hating at all.

That’s the thing too… I come off as a hater but can’t hate if I don’t have passion…

It’s tuff that the game is falling out of grace but when a company acts like how they’re running the show is all good & dandy when it’s not is not a good thing.

This game was built on buff dudes, blood, guts, deep lore.

Now it’s very 14 rated as opposed to MA.

Just have to actually play gears 1 , not UE, but gears 1 & play the story & PvP to really understand what made the game great.

The lighting is way too bright in 5. It’s too pretty. It’s too clean.

It’s all intentional though… they’re intentionally trying to make the game like fortnight & I don’t understand why… this game will never be like fortnight … fortnight is one of a kind & all the gaming platforms need to realize that, it’s not just gears…

There used to be a time where game developers took pride in what they did & didn’t try to nickel & dime people for skins…

If people are happy they’ll buy whatever you have to offer… it’s only when we’re not happy everything seems ingenuine…

I know I bought gears of war shirts, books, merch when I was so in love with the game. I just had to.

Now , I think about it & pass up on most of that.

Disney Star Wars absolutely failed & they’re going to redo it… so TC, take notes from Star Wars… they failed for going off the lore…

I remember Star Wars making Rose Tiko just for a “Asian” representation check mark & her action figures couldn’t even sell… they didn’t even bother to develop her, as long as she was a diversity check mark that’s all they cared for… which is really racist because I’m half Asian …

I just don’t understand these times… I want to fast forward this era of gaming because it’s so non creative … I know these people got into making video games to do something much more than a political check mark…

Maybe it’s Microsoft? I don’t even know…

All I know is all this is intentional …

So the game bombing is all intentional & that sucks when you were a die hard fan.

Well… Even in my country Gears 5 is #27! :sweat_smile:
The Division 2 is only #29! :cry:

Bring back real gow - yes Gears of War, not Gears - back, remove the sjw stuff and personal political agenda (like no smoking, wtf?), make it abt brothers against an unbeatable force, locust is a must and put more time on content before releasing the game instead of giving it to ppl later. The gaming market is saturated and most ppl won t wait for content to be released “later”.

By now game devs should have realized that the twitter outrage mob isn t buying their games, so stop pandering to them and focus on ppl who supported u all the years.

Not surorised by the ranking…sadly.