Gears 5 has best gameplay of the series!

I know it’s the thing to hate hate hate in today’s day but I honestly feel after the movement change in operation 2 that gears 5 has the best gameplay of the series. Gears 4 was faster yes but I feel gears 5 at this moment has nailed the movement and gameplay. It’s so cool to hate and complain on the internet and YouTube these days I really wish social media and YouTube went away cause all it does it cause problem and drive people away. Only think I want fixed is the flash grenade glitch stuck on screen and want more versus maps. Go ahead and call me a shill and I work for tc because as you say that you are proving my point.


Not quite there man… the ammo situation has to be fixed then I could agree with you on gun gameplay.

Movement sort of man… still need work its slow and you know it… it has to be like 4, and gameplay well there’s a lot of work ahead that TC hasn’t fixed.

I won’t do that man… of course not… I think you are having a good time on the game however the game still needs work. :slight_smile:

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Respect and appreciated

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Best movement when they remove all the delays they added in 4 and carried over into 5 and made worse


Have you ever played Gears of War 3?
Not big surprise.


Gears 5 has got way better with the patches and will continue to get better once they ajust the omen on screen when you take damage and other minor tweeks.

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Gears 1 Had the best gameplay, it was just simple


Listen man, if you dont share whatever you are on that just makes you rude. Jokes aside, I am not sure what gears you are playing because this is plagued by bugs and bad code.



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Gnashers battles yeah cuz is a improved comeptitive of Gears 4 but the lancer damage is exagerated and that ruin the gameplay

yeah it’s cool to be toxic. everything’s good actually, including the gameplay.

Gear 1 is the best. I dunno about simple lol

There are a lot of preferred changes

Power weapons should take half the time to be up again (from a koth perspective)

The gnasher needs 8 shots back and a removal of the 3 bullets reload.

Increased slide range and speed when bouncing.

Less delays.

Even less aim assist.

The omen for damage display should be brought back.

Damage in general could be made weaker (tweak gnasher 1 hit range, boltok damage at distance, mace’s weird ranges and damage.

This is more of a moan about the store

Skins for different sets are taking way too long to release, matte black as an example still has only had the load out skins released, With all of the possibilities for meaningful skins i don’t know why the choose things like hivebuster baird. They could of had v day, LT, mechanic, civillian, db industries but they choose a bad “what if.”

Having polls on the forums specifically for what characters/skins or weapon skins the fans want would be great, i would love for someone at TC to actually read my comment “harper as a playable character with ocean weapon skin from gears 3 would be great and i would happily pay for all of those skins” then tell me if that is feasible or not.

I still like the game but these kind of things would make it a lot better for me.

Negativity just as expected

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Dont expect anything else from all the whiny babys online


I probably said the most negative thing to you and it was clearly a joke. However I think you are just a contrarian and like to go against the grain and judging by your posts that seems to be the case. You like the gameplay, fine but it’s not “negative” because people dont feel the same way as you.

Gears needs a lot of work and you know it does . even your posts previously to this say the same thing and they havent changed anything except movement so either you are full of it or you are just looking to argue. I was going to let it slide at first but the way you opened this was in such a way as you are not around here complaining which is not the case.

You have opinions and others have different ones. Neither one is right each is valid so come off the high horse and stop trolling.

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Better than 4 imo. Not 3 though

I’ve admitted it needs work and still does but I personally feel after the update to movement speed this is the best gears has felt to me

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Great sarcasm!!!