Gears 5 hard locking/Freezing/crashing since classic horde was added. Smh

I played a full game of classic on beginner, no issues. Jumped in advanced, crashed wave 6. I was chainsawing a lot, so I figured all the extra particles on the map made the game freeze. Checked recent players and everyone was still in that game. Jumped into another game of classic horde on advanced and froze/crashed at the end of wave 7 into the start of wave 8. I made sure to just shoot everything this time but same thing happened.

Now I’m reading a bunch of ppl seem to be having the same issues since classic horde popped up. What’s going on?? How is it this game just has so many problems over a year since release?

EDIT: played beginner again, was able to complete 12 waves. Have 2 waves left to get the 36 wave medal, tried loading into another classic horde match and froze at the selection screen. Seems to have the best luck playing beginner, but it’ll crash no matter what when it comes to classic horde. I hope this didn’t mess with the rest of the game…

EDIT 2: it’s not just classic horde. Just played some campaign and during a checkpoint, the game froze and dashboarded. WTH is wrong here?? This game hasn’t froze or acted like this since sept-oct 2019. Did some game breaking bug return that causes it to freeze? This is ridiculous!

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It happens since game was launched and in my own experience it happens randomly on any game mode or even in the main menu. I documented It:

Is what I hate most in this game, despite the awful competitive part, the crappy and outdated “classic horde mode” the stupid weapon tunings and skill cards nerfs every month, the poor performance on any platform makes me angry and not support the franchise anymore.

TC has an official thread for this now :slight_smile:

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