Gears 5 halloween

Anyone know what’s going on for the halloween event in gears 5? Definitely curious to know what they are doing this year


I think next week they’re revealing something

They better be revealing something lol cuz last years Frankenstein skin was FIREE lol

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It was pretty good lol

Let me guess…
Reuse the “day of the dead” character skins from gears of war 4 (i wouldn’t mind).
Or that pumpkin head versus event (forgot the name).


With all the problems going on with the game. I’m not gonna hold my breath.


I really hope they put more effort into the aesthetic designs.

I’d love to see Rejects redesigned as Zombies, and you can rip their hearts out from behind (instead of their robot cores).

Or mummified Scions.


TC seems to have planned things regardless.

Although I’m not expecting much. If the halloween event still forces the dumb pumpkin heads with no option to get rid of them, with nothing interesting going for it(in PvE), I’ll likely pass on it.

Yes “planned” until a last minute bug was discovered thus being delayed. I’m desperate so I’ll play anything different for PVE.

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Yeah I gotta say the whole zombie thing gets old after awhile and I dont see it playing a crucial role in gears 5 its already been heavily focused on cod games obviously so I’d like it if they did something focused on like phantom skins or something more creative then putting pumpkins on our heads lol

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I want it to be a fun holiday event because Halloween is my favorite in terms of presentation. Id love certain maps to be covered in Jack-O-Lanterns, cobwebs, skeleton door hangers, etc but obviously this is a pipe dream in terms of expecting ANY of that when it comes to this developer so I guess I gotta settle on what skins for characters they come up with instead. Aside from the usual rehashes from last year. Would be great to see some goofy skins. Teen Werewolf JD, Mummy Del, a Swarm Drone wearing a flimsy paper Marcus Fenix mask. Let’s get the old creativity bones moving, TC!


That would be awesome but Dana has mentioned that it would be too much work for the team.

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I dont know much about programming so I’ll take his word on it but I just don’t get how adding a few decorations to maps could possibly be that hard. Again, I guess I’ll settle for character skins :upside_down_face:


Same here. He said something about how they would interact with characters, 3D rendering, reflections, etc. It’s funny because someone in the chat asked for the exact same thing you brought up so he listed all the complications that would happen.

I’ll suppose I’ll finally pickup that skeleton suit Kait skin if it gets re-released.

Just an idea to float out there: anyone else think a vampire Paduk would look cool? White makeup, cape and all?


I would love a new map that’s a big house, swarmed with leagues of zombie rejects. Night of the Living Rejects.


Until everyone gets a Gnasher or Overkill and just keeps shooting their leg(s) off so they blow themselves up.

Well, like most zombie movies, that can be corrected by severely limiting ammo / weapons in that mode…

Of course, Cole could just step in and ruin it for everyone…lol.

Or Paduk gets too into the Halloween spirit that he scares away Rejects with Fear.