Gears 5 - Halloween 2020 Trailer

Awesome trailer. Love to see this.

I have to say TC has done a commendable job this year. Here’s all the Halloween related content I’ve been able to gather so far:


  • Hollow RAAM
  • Murder Pool Lizzie
  • Jack O Lantern Jack
  • RIP Bloodspray
  • RIP Mark
  • Halloween 2020 Banner
  • VooDoo Skin Set
  • Smoke Skin Set
  • Ghost Skin Set
  • Boom Snipes PVP
  • The Mist PVE


  • Skeleton Kait
  • Inside Out COG
  • Frankenstein Imago
  • Zombie Benjamin
  • Jack O Lantern Mark
  • Halloween 2019 Bloodspray
  • Halloween 2019 Banner
  • Jack O Lantern Skin Set
  • Pumpkin Ball PVP
  • Mad Man’s Monsters PVE

Very solid showing this year.


Now that you map it out that’s actually not bad

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A slight mistake, Zombie Ben is new to Gears 5, not returning.

Yeah it’s been pretty good. For all the grief TC get, they’ve done well for this seasonal event.

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The only “bad” things, if they can be called that, are the not really new Horde event. And not getting to turn the stupid pumpkin heads off even if that’s not a gameplay influencing feature.

I know he’s new to Gears 5 but he’s a returning character from Gears 4.

A new character is something that’s never been done or seen before.

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I enjoyed it, personally