GEARS 5 Guidebook?(Is there one)

I decided i should just buy a gears 5 guide book,and it will cut waaaayyy down on my having to keep asking questions here,because there deemed almost always pointless,BUT after doing a bit of online searching i can’t seem to find a phycial copy for the gears 5 guidebook even in this gears of war site store,so at the risk of having to ask,i’m sure you seen this comning,does anyone know if they make a guidebook for GEARS 5?(I’m pretty sure the art of gears 5 isn’t a guidebook,but just a great art book).

Update…Yes i have seen the gears 5 online guide book but i like real books not digital ones.I have guide books for other games&gears games i’m not gonna stick a ipad on my bookshelf with my guide book collection.


Dont you ever stop being you Shino

Screw the haters


I believe the trend of not including a guideline booklet in physical copies started out with Gears 3.

I ment i want to BUY a normal guide book for GEARS 5,I don’t think any tiny incase booklet could awnser my hardcore hard hitting over the top and ground breaking need to know wild and pulse pounding thought provoking questions…

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Would like to have also, but dont think any one is doing that anymore.

There isn’t a Gears 5 guidebook.

Would be useless as so many changes have been made since launch (and will continue) so if such a thing existed it would become increasingly wrong.


Keep asking questions and don’t worry about it. There are enough good people willing to answer honest questions who won’t judge.


If there was a guidebook this forum would be 99% complaints and 1% none gears related topics,so without a guidebook at least theres a reason to come here thats worth the trip.

The gears 5 artbook indeed is not informative as far as details. It does give some insight but not for gameplay. I would buy a guide in a second. I have the hardest time understanding the skill cards and how they work.

Hey Bobby,

What cards are you looking at currently and trying to figure out?

Maybe we can help.


Save your money

Peeps will help on here…the complaints are strong granted…but warranted!! …a really poor release as all aspects of the game have been tampered with…none for the better i might add.

You never cease to amaze me Shino ol’ boy.

“Gears 5: The Guide - 37th Edition”.

The latest edition will always be two updates out of date by the time it goes to print!

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Even if alot of 2nd game play elements change there still good basic info on chars& weapons,maps enemies,skill cards,combat info plus other little details,to me guide books are fun to collect and read.they made one for gow4 and that game had alot of changes itself,so having one for gears 5 shouldn’t be any different.

You don’t need to have a Guidebook to play the game man… this isn’t Monopoly at all…

Just take out your lancer and behave like a pro player and that’s about it man.

Like driving a car… no one teaches anyone to drive… you just feel driving the car and you just do that = ).

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Maybe they’ll put one out later then? Was the gears 4 one out immediately or did they let the dust settle first?

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oh come on @Jaylin117x no one will buy that !! = D

Best guide to play Gears of War its to watch PREDATOR at that’s about it man .

I’ll write you one right now.

Step 1) Uninstall.

Step 2) Wait three months.

Step 3) Reinstall and check if it’s better yet.

Step 4) If it is, have fun. If it isn’t, return to step 1.

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after step 4 add:


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