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He’ll probably have a lollipop in his mouth…

Like others have pointed out, Rod Fergusson has stated on Twitter this is misleading. Smoking wasn’t taken out of the game because of an Anti-Tobacco organization. It was never going to be in the game anyways.

This is a none issue, in my opinion. Smoking has never been prominent in the entire series. The only character that smokes is Michael Barrick; a DLC character for Gears 3.

Lastly, according to the Variety article, this is a design choice by The Coalition. It has nothing to do with Microsoft. Rod mentioned his father was a smoker that died of a heart attack at age 38 when he was only 4 years old. He doesn’t want to contribute to the normalization of smoking in a sci-fi escape fantasy where people can murder monsters.

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Pretty much this.

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I think to many people it´s rather a thing of principle. Besides Barrik I also don´t remember anyone smoking in Gears, though honestly, it´s just such a weird thing to do. Why would you suddenly team up with such an organization? Do they get money from such a team-up? Might it be, that they are desperate?

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People are missing the point here.

It’s the idea of political correctness influencing games is where we have issues. You can see the undeniable trend taking place in our current generation of games

I’d rather play my games as they were intended to be created without artificial influence generated by a 3rd party agenda.

And even if they came from the studio it’s still this new culture of trying to hide bad things or have massive inclusion that feels so fake and forced its awful. I hope this culture dies


Except it’s not really political correctness. Anti-smoking, yes. But political correctness? Do people even know what the concept means?

Secondly, there is no third party influence. Rod Ferguson has always been against smoking and broadly speaking GOW has rarely depicted smoking in it (Barrick aside). This is a case of Rod and an anti-smoking group teaming up and essentially agreeing that this continue, and announcing it in a formal way.

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I hate Political correctness and I think this anti-smoke campaign is just very weird, even if they never showed smoking, except for Barrick.
I mean, thankfully this won´t be much of an influence on the game, but I know what you mean. There is this worrying trend in the entertainment industry, that you need to write your storys and games as some kind of role-model, filling it with political and social agendas.

I hope they will keep that stuff away from Gears 5. However, I think not putting smoking in, is ok. It be weird if there were characters that smoked and they made them stop now but since nothing of that happens, well, ok.
Still, it would mean that if they return Barrick, that he would not have a cigar maybe. :frowning:

I believe Alex Brand from the comics was also a smoker besides Barrick.


You completely missed his point.

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Its because this game is a gamepass game now so all the stupid children are going to flock to this game and potentially make the game a lot of money hut ALTER THE FORMULA THAT MADE GEARS OF WAR!

game is becoming smooth in gameplay but becoming a soft sissy filled game

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Of course it’s political correctness. Not allowing smoking in Gears 5 just isn’t a great example of it. The idea of a game being alternated to meet ones agenda instead of being created based off of the source material is in fact political correctness.

Rod Ferguson being the individual pushing his own personal beliefs about smoking onto a game that has no relation to the real world and or impact on reality would be still be somewhat an example of political correctness. Especially given that smoking has absolutely no meaning in the game whatsoever, it’s completely aimless to cut that from the game. Therefore; an individual’s personal belief is influencing the game. That is political correctness,

Political correctness doesn’t have to be strictly about female lead characters or having equal representation of ethnic backgrounds, Those are just more obvious extreme examples.

That wasn’t directed at Rod Ferguson or Gears 5 necessarily. I was encompassing the gaming industry.

See how my follow up sentence made that more clear

“And even if they came from the studio it’s still this new culture of trying to hide bad things or have massive inclusion that feels so fake and forced its awful. I hope this culture dies” (BCI Chainsaw)


Obviously the game isn’t about smoking and we don’t have established characters where cigarettes are apart of their character model. Well, we have Barrick in like 1 cut scene??? I think. So it’s not a big deal. And is Barrick even coming back to Gears 5? Point being I think Gears 5 will be fine without smoking character models lol
But my concerns isn’t about this specific case. It’s about this new idea where Game developers or other organizations think it’s ok to put their own personal beliefs in games an expect everyone to be on board with their ideas.

Battlefield 5 would be a perfect example.

A lead developer, Maybe even a higher up with EA made a hilariously idiotic remark about female inclusion on World War 2 video games.

He leveraged his own daughters naive opinion on having women fight in WW2 because she felt it wasn’t fair to only see men fight in wars. Granted the article made her sound very young so its excusable for a child but to have an adult use that because inclusion is more important than creating a game that fans want not too mention staying true to history; it’s just nonsense to me.

So ya, Gears 5 will be fine. But Game Developers and other lobbyist need to stop. And im not necessarily saying I disagree with Rod Ferguson. Smoking is really bad and apparently it has a much larger impact on his life so its understandable that he’s campaigned against smoking supposedly for a while in the Gears of War franchise. It’s a good thing none of the characters really circulate around smoking so its not really going to impact character roles.

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I love the smell of overreactions in the morning.


So your angry at something that doesn’t mess with the game at all? I think you should focus on other things lol. Coalition is doing a good thing to try to help the community who struggles with these products. Grow up man.


“A brand that now is embracing full political correctness, inclusiveness ( which that is fine with me)

Stopped reading

cry about your ciggys lib


A video of someone complaining about Gears 5 being censored for cash, with the first two minutes all about selling t-shirts :rofl:


Gambling addiction is far worse @HungryMeatbal1z

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Yeah it should be called Gears Light now.

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It’s a rated M video game. All this matters why?

Not really a big deal, not the end of the world, there’s nothing good about smoking anyway and I smoke