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Gears 5 Gone Soft

So now Xbox and Gears are pushing agendas. Teaming up with an Anti-Tobacco Organization so that there will be No tobacco or smoking will be represented in Gears of War 5? REAL NICE

A brand that now is embracing full political correctness, inclusiveness ( which that is fine with me), is not including Tobacco products. This is ridiculous. I can chainsaw other beings in half, but don’t you dare show a cigar or cigarette! Xbox and The Coalition want to act proper, and be inclusive. Then represent those who use tobacco in the game. Gears is rated M! For damn adults!

Yes smoking, and chewing is bad for you. But so is drinking alcohol, eating sugar, and so on. So what is the end game here? Next Gears of War there is no cussing, no gore, hell maybe no violence. You know, because all of those things are BAD FOR YOU.

It’s bad enough that The Coalition has been hiding the campaign from us, but this is ridiculous. I knew Gears of War 5 would be toned down further. Because apparently Phil Spencer wants Xbox to go full PG gaming. But damn, no tobacco. What a joke



This is what they were referring to:

But all I remember was Michael Barrick lighting up cigar, that’s it. It’s barely gonna have any impact on me. Do we know if any other characters in Gears 5 were going to smoke? We wouldn’t know.


It’s not hard to understand @Bleeding_Pepper, The Coalition teamed up with an anti smoking organization

It’s odd since nearly every character doesn’t smoke anyway. Barely any impact on the game. I don’t know who even cared, that Barrick did it. It wouldn’t automatically encourage people.


We really aren’t going to do the hardly any characters did it point if view are we? Thats not the point.

They are censoring a game because “smoking is bad for your health”. So is alcohol, so is sugar, and more importantly so is WAR. So what is next?


As @Ektope said - it’s not like Gears has featured much smoking at all, so it’s not like it’s a problem.

Also, it might have helped if you actually elaborated with your initial post, rather than giving people sass.


Was there ever a scene where a character drank alcohol? I don’t remember. But there were alcoholic bottles, lying around which could be shot. But it’s just part of environment… that’s if they went ahead to censor them too.

I didn’t know what this was about either, until I went to take a look.

I assumed Gears of War fans would stay up to date on the news. My apologies for not linking the article. But thank you @Ektope for linking the information.

The game is rated M. Adults. I am tired of my entertainment being censored. It doesn’t matter if there was little to no tobacco use in prior games. The point is it’s a game with massive violence and gore.

So i can chainsaw someone in half, but I cant see a cigar?


Barrack has been the only character that had a cigar and had anything to do with smoking, this is just weird for TC to jump on this band wagon

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@KillyouTheKing Exactly.

Yeah, they probably figured it wouldn’t be that big of a deal, considering that there was so little tobacco use. So they figired the positive PR would help, which is even more disgusting in my opinion.

It might not just be tobacco. Even Jace had a lighter on himself, at the age of 17 in the ending cutscene of RAAM’s Shadow. Barrick was trying to find a lighter and Jace apparently had one. Why would someone keep a lighter if they don’t smoke themself? So Jace could’ve been an underage smoker.

RAAM’s Shadow Ending Cutscene

Ah, @Ektope good point out

Or maybe he just likes burning things?

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At least they didn’t make it gluten free. :joy:


What about lactose intolerant?

No drinking milk either.


That’s some pretty redundant virtue signalling. Barrick having a cigar isn’t glorifying smoking any more than the entire game glorifies shooting people. Are you okay TC?


I’m actually gluten sensitive in life. Trust me, the pain to not be able to eat a normal sandwich/pizza is hard sometimes… :bread::croissant::baguette_bread::bagel::pancakes::hamburger::hotdog::sandwich::pizza::burrito::taco::spaghetti: :pretzel::cake::doughnut: :sob:

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@Four_Ton_Mantis Exactly. This truly is dangerous territory here. I’m surprised that the Gears community isn’t a little more upset about this.

Essentially what Xbox and The Coalition here is saying is that games do influence. Despite the scientific consensus that it in fact does not.

So unless we make a stand here now, next up there will be no alcohol, tobacco, swearing, mature themes, or gore in Xbox’s 1st party games.

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