Gears 5 going down hill

this games has crashed like no other. horde mode is awful you have 0 ammo & they nerf anything that is good about it.

escape is boring and lame now. we can create our own maps, but TC cant have some one make a new map once a weeek. or even twice

so ive given up on those modes when i am a hardcore horde player. I also loved escape at first now its just another boring lame mode.

VS how to start on vs. the matchmacking is awful i mean terrible. as soon as u hit onyx you can play angaist annyyy one… onyx 1 vs master i dont think is fun or fair. i get it all the time an cant play with a friend that is onxy because then its a def that youll get an uneven match up.
the gnasher is the worst ive ever seen, i shoot at people right in front of me an kill nothing.
i can go on n on but thats just a little… tell me if im wrong


The game is still fun.


I honestly still quite enjoyed playing with @TC_Clown @Mark36111 last night despite getting a four stack of gods the last game

Tbh I don’t really mind losing, but the matchmaking system is very flawed I will admit.


@TC_Clown keeps refusing to address the issues, even after the fact i help him rank up in ranked! I’m disappointed in his work ethic!


Sure when you play with friends but tc has plans! Plans!


I play more solo than anything

It will probably become the ultimate solo experience at some stage. Gears 6 will release without any online social experience … no stacks. no co-op and no messaging lol.

Lately I’ve been with snubbs… last night it was just me and ugh…lost some we should have won. Others I got smashed…

And then one I win with terrible connection. Dude fired out his ■■■ behind a wall and downed me on my screen.

Clearly his connection was just yanking everything so he had clearer shots.

I’ve decided to take a break from this game.

Yay…that would totally kill the game

Rofl. :sob::joy::joy:

I wasn’t even mad…just shook my head at who made this game.

The game is fun if you put on this

And bounce around the map.


The color blue is a great movie too

Good troll thread.

Advice - Amo is NEVER a problem. Respawn until you get a locker.


With the way people are going on in the gaming world I wouldn’t be surprised if it did happpen lol.

*Blue is the Warmest Colour!

Top film. It’s even on prime.

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People who cry about not having any ammo are the same people who shoot their boomshot at a single leech.


I will always use a boomshot on a leech to save a tap from dying if I have to. :rofl:


In that situation, its a good idea. But ive seen so many people absolutely bombard a single juvie or leech with their boomshots and then tbey wonder why they don’t have ammo.


lesbian love stories are the best kind.