Gears 5 going Dead or is just me?

Yes it is… and it’s even worse.


It’s not.

That doesn’t mean issues shouldn’t continue to be addressed, but just saying “game bad” does nothing. It’s as eyerolling as bootlicker posts.

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The game was more lively before the holidays and maybe during the holidays but I guarantee a lot have left for a break after Christmas due to having purchased new games/given games, such as Modern Warfare,

Okay next time i search for a ffa game i will video it amd show you that it can never find a game and how long it looks for and put the video on this thread, im not ■■■■■■■■ saying the game is ■■■■, i love the game im just stating that its not doing exactly any favours for itself to keep me interested and its getting boring by not being able find any ffa matches and then matching me up with same people all time in ranked koth matches its so annoying and no i don’t think people do sponge i win 90% off ffa matches, why its annoying me that i can’t find them

There are different time periods where the game is dead, not sure about PvP as i am not a fan of it at all, but for Horde, which is my favourite game type, and to be honest, the only reason why i am here, there is a dead time where it starts around 2100hrs, and at 2300hrs it is a ghost town.
The game took a dive because of its inconsistencies and the fact it is, i would like to say broken, but it is far more than that.

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You win 90% of ffa matches…I seriously doubt that

It’s sad really gow2 and 3 days so many player’s, many talked team work ■■■■ talk etc. Now you can’t find a full quick play lobby. Ranked is fun but I am nowhere as good as I used to be and everyone is kinda really good or just a try hard. Still wish we had wingman back. Wth has TC done to its MP aspects of the game that has caused many to just stop playing. . .


The reason may be the sweaty tryhards and here might be why…

I wish the news updates would pop up on booting the game. Like it does in apex.

I think we had this in gears of war 4.
i liked that.

Its ok. You can say you’re Canadian. No need to be embarrassed

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Lawl, I see @ll_R_E_D_l let you out of the cellar again. Smh…


Im eating toast and eggs for breaky this morning btw. F puffs


I thought you were eating man some Captain’ Crunch my friend :smile:

I cant get one. Ranked or qp


FFA & grid iron are like this.

TC are forcing modes ok us thinking we’d play them but people just end up leaving.

They don’t even care too.

Not to mention my tdm /guardian friends left a long time ago.

I adapted to king. I can’t even play tdm I’m this state. Like I cannot. It’s so much like social but worse.

They wanted to make tdm more “competitive” what a bunch of bologna. They just wanted to please the solo players.

I’m mad dude. This was my game & they chopped it up. They don’t even listen. Or update us on if we’d want to. At least ask the players since we play.

I play ranked all the time and don’t struggle to find games. I come across the same people every couple of games but not to regularly. The game is quite dead which sucks cause I enjoy playing it but the multiplayer just has so many bugs and it could be good if they put time in :frowning:

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i think the numbers will drop once people get bored of this op and/or the content grind comes to a finish.

i don’t think the new update/tuning will keep the average player around and the population will be lower and lower. it is unfortunate but it might be the only way to make TC reconsider some things.

the cycle of new op, bored of op, quit playing is very real.

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Well said.

Unfortunately this has been the pattern.

Which is why I think they’re reaching out to the WWE to help.

Maybe it’ll be a good move.


Bro, you’re making me want to whip out my Super Nintendo. Lol those red gems…we risked “life and limb” to get 'em didn’t we? :relieved:(sigh) “Memories!”

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