Gears 5 going Dead or is just me?

Last 2 week off playing this game, i can never find a ffa game anymore looks for like 5 min and then i just give up because should never take that long to find a game and when i play ranked everyday i get match with the same players everyday how is that even possible there must be very little amount off people playing ranked if it can’t even find different players to play against i could play this game all night but recently ivs been playing for like an hour and coming off because i get so bored of playing same people over and over again, i know cod and gears are two complete different type off game but i don’t think you would ever get matched up with same people for a long time there is that many people on it i would off thought there not that much less people on this game also, is this just me or is everybody still finding ffa games?


Who knows. I played Arcade Double Trouble last night for like 2 hrs around 1130PM EST. Full lobbies the whole time. Some bots here and there that were filled in with players.

Idk. Seemed fine.


It does deserve to be dead by the community.

I really hope one day all of us stop playing Gears 5 and instead. play Aladdin from the SNES:

:slight_smile: way more fun


Personally, I tend to have a hard time finding full or even half full lobbies in Quickplay throughout the day, and it’s worst during off hours. Arcade seems to be fine, lobbies are mostly full throughout the entire day. Haven’t played FFA nor ranked in awhile though, so can’t say much about that.

FYI, I’m in NA East.

Also, the devs (Octus on Twitter I believe) admitted that ever since removing FFA as a event/showcased/whatever you want to call it mode, they saw a significant dip in the number of people that play the mode (There were even forum members who made threads crying, thinking TC had removed the mode completely). My guess is that the average player who don’t follow the game in general believe it was a timed event and that it’s over, and don’t realize that the mode is in the Quickplay menu. I don’t fault TC for that though, but the ignorance of the players.


It is normal that this game dies quickly because, regardless of the failures it has, its multiplayer is boring and does not transmit anything.


A whole new world innit bro.




Been harder for me to get into escape matches lately,

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I play 2v2, death match, horde, escape, and execution… Normally find games in all in under 2 mins.

East coast US servers.

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The fact that people on here thought FFA was deleted might answer why people aren’t queueing up for it.

Only other mode I have trouble finding new players for is 2v2 Gnashers and some of them act like Fahz but unironic and unfunny.

Gears is not dead and FFA out of all game modes certainly isnt dead. Check your internet. Dont make a b.s. post just to troll.
I have yet to wait 5 mins for a ffa. Thts basically wht everyone plays now. Longest ive had to wait is 2 mins if tht.

Show us evidence if your going to make such claims.

This game isnt as bad as alot of you make it out to be. If ur going to btch. Btch about real issues.
Like the sponging in FFA

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With or without FFA, Gears 5 is manure.


Yes it is… and it’s even worse.


It’s not.

That doesn’t mean issues shouldn’t continue to be addressed, but just saying “game bad” does nothing. It’s as eyerolling as bootlicker posts.

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The game was more lively before the holidays and maybe during the holidays but I guarantee a lot have left for a break after Christmas due to having purchased new games/given games, such as Modern Warfare,

Okay next time i search for a ffa game i will video it amd show you that it can never find a game and how long it looks for and put the video on this thread, im not ■■■■■■■■ saying the game is ■■■■, i love the game im just stating that its not doing exactly any favours for itself to keep me interested and its getting boring by not being able find any ffa matches and then matching me up with same people all time in ranked koth matches its so annoying and no i don’t think people do sponge i win 90% off ffa matches, why its annoying me that i can’t find them

There are different time periods where the game is dead, not sure about PvP as i am not a fan of it at all, but for Horde, which is my favourite game type, and to be honest, the only reason why i am here, there is a dead time where it starts around 2100hrs, and at 2300hrs it is a ghost town.
The game took a dive because of its inconsistencies and the fact it is, i would like to say broken, but it is far more than that.

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You win 90% of ffa matches…I seriously doubt that

It’s sad really gow2 and 3 days so many player’s, many talked team work ■■■■ talk etc. Now you can’t find a full quick play lobby. Ranked is fun but I am nowhere as good as I used to be and everyone is kinda really good or just a try hard. Still wish we had wingman back. Wth has TC done to its MP aspects of the game that has caused many to just stop playing. . .


The reason may be the sweaty tryhards and here might be why…