Gears 5 Gnasher Opinions

Gears 5 has been out for a while and I want to know what people think of the new gnasher tuning. For me I think the Gnasher was perfect in 4. It had a tuning great for Gnasher battles and the active gave Gnasher gameplay more dynamics but in 5 they took the active (damage boost) away from the Gnasher (taking away the dynamics) as well as changed the gibb range and basic tuning so that you basically have the sawed-off shotgun from gears 3, where the majority of the kills are point blank Gibbs or 1 to 2 shot downs. Basically for me you can no longer have skilled gnasher battles because it doesn’t have the range for them plus the active is taken away. It just feels very bland.

What does everyone else think?


Competitive or Core?

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Honestly for me at this point either would be better than what they have currently. Core was easier to use competitive was a bit more tricky but both had dynamics in the gnasher and had a better tuning than what we currently have

You mentioned gib range and honestly I can’t tell if there is really that big of a difference between Gears 4 (core and comp tuning) and Gears 5.

I don’t mind the current tuning, but after the Operation 2 update hip firing seems very inconsistent for me and I’ve had to rely a lot more on pop shotting out of bounces and roadie strafes.


The gnasher of gears 5 is not only the worst of the saga for inconsistent, insipid and bland, but is the worst shotgun I have seen in a video game.

You don’t feel any, absolutely no satisfaction for killing the enemy with this gnasher. Even the sound is dull and insipid.

And I also agree that the Gears 4 gnasher was very good.
The battles were and are epic and frenetic… instead every gnasher battle in Gears 5 looks like a noobs fight.


Bring gib range closer in. It’s length is ridiculous and relies too much on chance and judging and misjudging. It simply doesn’t play well IMO.

That scenario needs to be reduced by bringing the gib range closer so it can be more accurately gauged.


I definitely think the gib range needs to be reduced a bit. Sometimes I feel like I’m getting gibbed from so far away.

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Ive just come to terms with all shotgun damage i deal is complete rng. The damage, the shot pettern, whether or not it actually fires. Its all random. They keep saying " we feel like the gears 5 gnasher is the best so far" and " the general consensus is everyone loves it". But ive yet to see anyone who actually likes it, its garbage just like the company that made it.


Wow dude it’s a huge difference, one big thing missing is hardshot range, this game is turning into a blind shot massacre feels like no skill exists anymore, plus that assist crap which leads to huge inconsistency, 1st thing to get back on track is g5 gnasher needs a very similar tuning if not the same tuning from g4 and then we can move forward with everything else, g5 is such a dumbed down version made to attract new players but this sh it’s on the fans who are the ones still playing after all the casual players have long gone

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The gnasher is so inconsistent and unpredictable that I can’t even comment on its tuning because I cant even discern any tuning.

The gnasher is extremely inconsistent, even more so than prior to OP2. 96%s from gib range and 0%s from point blank, even when the hit marker goes up, happen way too often. If I had to rate it today, I’ll have to give it a 4/10.

But for argument’s sake, let’s pretend like it did work 100% of the time. I think that the gib range should be reduced a bit. At times, I find myself getting gibbed or gibbing someone from a ludicrous distance, which doesn’t seem ok. Also, with the tuning made to movement as of late, gnasher play is a whole lot better than it was before.

They’re headed towards the right direction, they just need to fix the damn inconsistency with the weapon.


Was the Gnasher tweeked for Tod2? your right about the hip fire.

The gnasher changed after TU 1.5 or 2, I believe. There was a thread about it where a lot of people noticed it was much more inconsistent. TC didn’t mention any changes. To me, that’s when it started.

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So much for being “proud” of this Gnasher, TC. The majority of the community hates it and you’re to blame. It’s almost as if they didn’t bother to play with it themselves.

I completely agree though. They should’ve never scrapped the tuning entirely, because the current tuning is straight *ss. I can sure as hell say that I’m not proud to be a Gears of War fan right now.


I hated the gears 4 core gnasher. All i could play in gears 4 was competitive warmup. At least gnasher fights could take more than one shot.
I think the gears 5 gnasher is probably the best we’ve had. It is unforgiving if you don’t hit your shot 100% clean in gib range (unless the enemy is already weak and you got an almost perfect shot). Yes the gears 5 gnasher is very strong. But it’s also more consistent if you ask me than previous gnashers. Like i said in another thread, if the gnasher could have more fall off damage at medium to long range for example, i think it would be better. At the same time though TC would need to nerf some of the OP ranged weapons to match that. I just think you should be able to evade the gnasher a bit more at range instead of have a guy hard aim you down from far away.

5 hits 99% on a regular basis…surely this should be a down

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Wouldn’t u have to get 100 percent to down

What’s a straight kill then?101%

The shotgun is not as any part of gears series , specially in the hipfire , please make update to fix it