Gears 5 GL Lancer ammo

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So a little question, why can’t i pick up regular lancer ammo for the GL Lancer? It uses the same ammo right? I think it’s quite stupid that you can’t pick up regular lancer ammo

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I’m not sure why either. It wants you to switch weapons rather than just filling ammo. I get the campaign has special ammo boxes with explosive refills. I get that in Horde the regular ammo boxes refill explosives. Not sure why a regular lancer doesn’t just add lancer ammo. I suppose the game views them as two separate weapons, no different than a hammerburst compared to the lancer.

The game treats the Freedom Lancer as being different from the regular Lancer, depsite the bullets in theory being the same.

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The GL Lancer fires slightly faster than the base Lancer, and has a faster TTK.

It melts people, as I found out in the Tech Test.

Whilst it sucks, I can understand why it doesn’t.


I could be wrong but I believe the Lancer GL either has higher damage or higher fire rate than the standard Lancer. Pretty sure it’s more of a laser beam as well with very little spread. I’ve melted enemies with it who were within reasonable gnasher range to 1 shot me. So considering it’s a power weapon, it would be a little unfair if you could just replenish ammo from every guy who dropped their lancer.

If you’re playing Arcade–you cannot get ammo for purchased power weapons from boxes. If you run out you gotta get your skulls and buy a new one.
If you’re playing Campaign–you can get fresh mags from regular (blue) ammo boxes and more grenades from the Explosive Ordinance (red) ammo boxes.

EDIT: as noted below by @xValtiel you can get power weapon ammo from boxes. I’ll try it later, but I do remember getting both bullets and a mortar round from the Horde ammo boxes when playing as JD–it should be the same then for Arcade.

I’d like to know if maybe it’s story wise why they don’t use the same. (SPOILER) in the campaign you can find a diagram that shows a comparison of Marcus’ lancer design and a current cog lancer with scribbles on it. It’s supposed to be the diagram for the GL lancer but obviously we don’t know that until later. When looking at it, it does look like the magazine size is different so, different caliber? Maybe?

I don’t know if this is canon, but the Gears Wiki says the Lancer GL does use a smaller cartridge. The explanation could be that the GL is meant to be a CQB rifle, and those types of rifles tend to use smaller/lighter cartridge since you don’t need the range you’d get from the full-size round.

Exactly. I would say it’s Canon just because that info was pulled from the game. Unfortunately it’s not like Wikipedia where you can see where they got the info, which I think is a downside of Fandom.

Awesome find!

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Thank you! Yeah, I wish this Wiki cited its sources for this info, but it’s the best we can do for now.

That’s untrue. You can get ammo from the boxes with power weapons. I do it all the time with longshot.

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Lancer magazine size is only 30 bullets, Lancer GL magazine size is 40 bullets, that’s why. You can’t use different magazines on the same weapon.

they are different weapons

it’s like complaining that the Retro Ammo doesn’t work in a regular Lancer.

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