Gears 5 Give us a True Crafting system! ESPECIALLY SKINS so we can complete weapon sets!

i have so many incomplete skin sets its not funny!!! we need a system thats fair and reasonable.

1 let us have the ability to craft anything we want for a reasonable price.

2 let us especially craft skins like say i want to complete the GOLD SKIN SET i can spend 10k gold OR at most 25k gold for the freaking gold GNASHER OR LANCER or any GOLD skins!!!

3 Maybe say Common 1k RARE 5k EPIC 10k legendary 25k. something like this!?

4 if the price is right no jokes please… use a system and price range we can enjoy.

“Gold Skin Set”?

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Coins are unlimited and easy to get, plus skin sets are really not that expensive.

“Fake Gold Rank”.