Gears 5 gameplay

All credit goes to the razors edge
This is his video

I wanted to get some gameplay discussion
Tell me what you think

Looks pretty bad, it’s gonna be like Gears 4 versus and be a mess and not fun.

Honestly don’t really know what to think of this. I really hoped the movement flow would’ve been better. And that new Omen is still painfully to look at…

I liked multiplayer in 4, and this is quite similar to that. But I don’t really have the feeling it’s a big step up from 4 to 5. I’m still trying to be optimistic, and wait until Tech Test.


I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks this game looks god awful. Im watching it and thinking “this is a train wreck.”

Mini map SHOWS ENEMIE when marked. Meaning the mini map will be essential to have enabled whether you want it there or not.

The execution with the lmg is missing animation? It’s also missing gore from what we’d expect from a gears of war game. It looks poorly done.

The colors of the new map are bright and cartoony. The map layout looks boring. Remember thrashball stadium or trenches? Remember that raven in jacinto in gears 2 that would fly to the middle helipad. Memorial where you could control the bottom or top of the map and it had some big statues and lots of stairs. All fathers garden, that dark blueush atmosphere and greenery. They were all really memorable for their look and atmosphere. Remember the gas station where you could go inside the building and take an elevator or stairs to the top?

Yeah, now look at this. This map is generic and boring. The cover looks like it’s taken from a Tony hawks pro skater game. It doesn’t look natural. There’s no natural cover like broken buildings or cars, over turned trees. Nothing. The buildings are static and serve only to act as barriers to prevent the player from going outside of the map with some fancy pristine signs that still light up somehow.

I’m not trying to be negative or mean for the sake of being negative and mean, but this…this is lazy.

I’m not feeling it at all. Esports in my opinion doesn’t help what I’m seeing either. Just my opinion. It’s very sad. I’m not excited at all.

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I mean its one map. Looks fine to me. The movement does look a little slow though. But since im old and slow anyways it could only help me lol.

Not a big fan of slow.

I was hoping movement would be all around faster

The shooting looks faster and the character movement looks slower. But thats just what i see in the small amount of footage.

Also looks like the delay between shotgun shots increased, but not 100% sure. It just looked slower to me.

It actually looks better than I initially expected. I feared they would try to completely abandon the way Gears MP was (Meaning, they would try to make it something like COD in Third Person, very-rifle centric). Generally, it looks like they managed to make it less Gnasher-centric, from what I see, but they didn´t abandon it.
I like the look of the map tbh. Looks like a modern COG city. I like some of the new Swarm designs as well and the Claw does seem like a very interesting weapon.

But, movement does seem indeed slower than usual. It also appears, that the shooting looks more stiff than usual and the Gnasher seems to have quite some recoil. Over all, I will wait till the tech test in some days, but generally, I´m not disappointed. That´s atleast something…

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The thing is that at Diamond tier Gears 4 is already more rifle oriented. It does seem like gnasher play is taking a step back as far as hyper bouncing goes. But We really wont know for sure until the Tech Test.

Unfortunately, I´ve never played in the Diamond tier. So I don´t know about that. Just that generally, Gears 4 (And before that Gears 3) were really Gnasher-centric, no matter what mode I played. Which is not bad, I certainly like that aspect about Gears Multiplayer. These intense CQC-Battles. We´ll see about Gears 5, but from what I see and what Pro Players who played it report, Gears 5, atleast Escalation 2.0, seems to be generally slower and more tactical. It seems indeed less Gnasher-Focused and I think they will try to do this in other modes as well, to gain attention from casuals probably.

Yeah its Gnasher up to around Onyx 3 then it starts switching to a lot of Lancer.


I mean i find all the modes tactical, but Escalation 2.0 definitely seems to up the ante in the tactics department. I wonder if they made changes to other modes.

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Looks like Gears to me shrug I’m gonna hold off on any detailed judgments until the tech test. Right away though, I can tell the movement looks a touch slower, which suits me just fine. That’s the kind of Gears I prefer. Sprinting animation still looks wack to me, but maybe it’ll be less weird actually playing.

Seeing a lot of rifling even from medium-close range too, which is a good sign the Gnasher is more like Gears 3
(or Gears 4 competitive tuning). Hopefully no more getting downed in one shot from like a million feet away…

I prefer slightly slower. Something between gears 2 and 3 would work perfect. I love using the gnasher as much as the next guy but the gameplay was way too samey for the last couple of years. I sound like I’m contradicting myself when I see the mini map post…but mini map is just more clutter and isn’t needed at all. Situational awareness.

Slightly slower character movement speed sounds great in my opinion. More tactical. Less running around like a chicken without a head.

It looks like Gears 4 but with slightly altered animations

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I mean we can test it out ourselves come the tech test…right?

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I also prefer it slower. You can do some stupid stuff in Gears 4 it feels like you shouldn’t be able to with Gnasher against a rifle. Just yesterday I was able to hard sprint left and right in the wide open to dodge a Boltok and kill the guy. I would’ve been completely destroyed in Gears 2 or 3 in that situation unless the guy was shooting at the sky lol.

I’m also gonna turn off the minimap. I can tell well enough where people are by footsteps and the in-game marker, I don’t really see the minimap as being necessary and I don’t want it on my screen.

There is no mini-map in Versus confirmed by TC. It was removed.

Oh wow. Because of fan complaints? I don’t see why having the option would’ve been a problem, other people can use it as far as I’m concerned…