Gears 5 Gamepass Ultimate Multiplayer Perk Pack out now!

Sad to say, but you made my day! Funny how some crumbs of goodwill will make people happy.

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I saw this earlier. I was thinking Im going to redeem closer to OP5 to maximum the use of the free boost for that. 22nd October youve got to take it by, And OP5 hits about then. But I think it will end before OP5 starts? - Sneaky TC, very sneaky.

I have gamepass for pc and it’s saying I need to upgrade to ultimate for $15 to get the perk.


You do need to it’s only for ultimate.


I redeemed the code but got nothing in game. Anyone else have that problem?

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Why not focus on giving perks to people who actually bought the game?


Because Microsoft doesnt want you to buy the game they want you to subscribe to gamepass

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I relaunched my game and it showed up.

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Ok I’ll give that a try. Thanks.

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Haha, yeah and the early ult. edition buyers (like me) ended up being the biggest suckers of them all, well, next to people who stocked up big on iron that is. The smartest people were the ones who did the $1 trial to get all the bonuses, then waited to get game on sale for $20. It was also the perfect time to buy, because low and behold, it also coincided with a store economy reset where most of the stuff people grinded and bought with iron went free.

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Microsoft is pushing Gamepass so hard. Gamepass as stated by Microsoft isn’t even that profitable. Not everyone wants to rent 100 games per month.

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I don’t want to either. No way I have the time. I can only really handle two games at a time (one multiplayer and one story), that is, if I want to make any serious progress in them.

@ExcaIibur thanks for this dude
My boost was about to run out. Got 30 days.

The smartest people where the ones that maxed out their gold and took the $1 dollar deal last year which gave them ultimate for 3 years and haven`t spent a dime on this game like me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


this is the genius of it all. MS will go into the red getting people into that ecosystem, sell subs for $1, promotions, etc.

it’s all in an effort to get people hooked long enough to get them to think twice about canceling their subscription. if you sink a bunch of cash into MTX on GamePass games that player will be less likely to move platforms and stick with GP

then after a few years of building a massive subscription base they’ll raise the price and boom, it’s a bloody goldmine.


Well some people won’t get caught in it like me, because they have no use for all the games provided by Game Pass, and Gold is cheaper for them…

Or it would be, if they hadn’t removed the 6/12 months option for some reason unless I’m mistaken, which just smells of cash grab.

I’d say Gold will go away very soon. Then ultimate or nothing.

that removal of 12 months was done to make GP look better by comparison .

Xbox doesn’t care where you play, they wan’t you to subscribe to GamePass. this will be their entire strategy next gen. They gave up on trying to compete with Sony and sell hardware.

what is the price difference between 12 months of Gold and GP?

might be a big ask to force people into GP to play online. unless the Gold requirement to play MP is dropped.

@Slipping_Flames @Goodacre Well if that’s the route they end up going it sounds like a good time to ditch the Xbox and look at my PC while keeping a PS5… unfortunately I’m not very tech savvy when it comes to PCs, should it ever come to that.

Ultimate GP is both GP and Gold so it’s basically $180+tax Regular GP is just GP, no gold involved. You can certainly get gold for like $50 on ebay or maybe a little less.