Gears 5 Gamepass Ultimate Multiplayer Perk Pack out now!


I saw it earlier.

If anyone wants to find it easier, use the gamepass app and it’s under perks.


you need a GamePass sub to claim? I wonder if a 14 day trial works


can you get it through Xbox One? Or do you have to download gamepass app on phone? have no idea where to find this.

You can get it through xbox. Hit the xbox button once on your controller, at the bottom of the sidebar that pops up should have a button for gamepass, click that. Once you click that you should be on a screen that has 4 tabs. One of them. being the perk tab


oh thanks :+1:

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Nice, thx for this info😁

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Holy moly! That’s awesome for free!!! Just downloaded! :+1:

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Thanks for posting this :sunglasses:

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Very nice :sunglasses:

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Hahahahahaha! They just given me 15 days of free boost! Me? With my reputation?!

Question, can you get mutiples of this? As in, if I know a friend who has GPU but doesn’t play Gears, can I use his code for another 2k coins and 15 days of Boost, or can you only use one code per account?

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Bottom of Messages from Xbox Live works as well.

Based thread btw

Why not? It’s a completely different redeemable code.

Have just checked this and the code from the App is the same as the one from Xbox dashboard so cannot be redeemed twice. :unamused: However not sure about the use of one from a different account - I would think not?

Usually if you get another code for the same content, it tells you that you already own it and cannot get it again.

Might want to save for next operation

It doesn’t’ count. I have the trial and it’s not a real “sub” just a demo to access games.

I share gamepass and pay half with a friend. I just stupidly used it on his console and I get screwed out of perks like this one. Thanks Microsoft.

EDIT: never mind it gives you a code I can get from him instead. Cool.

yup. I ended up doing the $1 deal and canceled the recurring sub immediately after. it worked.