Gears 5 Game freezes and/or crashes to xbox home

After TU2, the update for operation 2 my game freezes and crashes occasionally in case of playing horde (multiple times in succession) on Xbox One (classic).

Long story short:
Fix the crashes, which were not there yet during OP1 for me.

I did not inform myself good enough about their transparency, sorry.

and pls. TC be more transparent about the problems you are working on (latest update I read on the forum was from end Oct. we are almost at end Dec. …:
which problems, did you even hear the community, did you experience the same? What are the goals of actually fixing those problems? And no PR-bu\c\ap

Symptoms (me joining):

  1. If a game of horde is ongoing and I join the game freezes and crashes to home, more then once and it has a very negative impact on my playing experience.
  2. The freezing and crashing happens only during or after loading, during loading when actually joining the game and seeing the current game stats and even sometimes after a short while (say the first wave after joining). Never during count-down in a lobby that is already playing.
  3. There are times that no problems occur, but I am not sure if this has to do with maps, difficulty or location (sample size(s) is (are) too small).

Also during games I observe a lot of other people having the same problem. In a game in case I joined when everyone was still in the lobby I observe the following symptoms that others probably have and a friend of mine had when joining the same game.

Symptoms (others joining):

  1. Game freezes temporarily or frame drop when somebody enters the game.
  2. People try to enter the game, but leave it before even getting the character in the game. (UI continues to shows their level though)

Why I think this is sucks?
Because starting horde games when there are 3 people in the party, with the intention that other can join later is not working anymore. Which means a lot of my time is spent on reloading gears 5 (loading times are long) finding a game that actually works (also loading times and not up to date info on the server 4/5 is full even after refreshing multiple times – I digress) and instead I want to be doing specific maps and difficulties at certain waves (because of the limited amount of time in my life).

3rd party Symptoms (see internet):

  1. map dependency
  2. difficulty dependency
  3. location dependency (USA, EU)

Other threads about the same, after TU2:
Since I can only put 2 links in a post as a new user
GOW :=

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But hey, the shop still works :stuck_out_tongue:

I had not been having this issue really until yesterday. I am catching so much hell now. Think ive made it through one game today.

Game has been crashing more often than not when joining horde. I’ve tried on both pc and one x. Now I’m getting frequent crashes in escape…

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Since the patch yesterday I was able to join a match in mid session without crashing. I hope that wasn’t a fluke.