Gears 5 - Game freeze at random times during game play

Hi all,

First post looking for support with a game freeze / crash issue. While playing gears 5 on my new xbox series x the game will freeze unexpectedly for 20-30 seconds and send me back to the xbox home screen with no error message. During the ‘freeze’ the xbox is still responsive to commands, but the game is completely frozen. The game shows a static screen of whatever was happening at the time, with static audio.

The freezes occur randomly, sometimes in game when trying a reaction shot, sometimes on horde when shooting a scion and sometimes in pre-game matchmaking before the game has even started. Even the campaign will crash.

Force quitting the app and re-loading the game resolves the immediate issue, however, the real issue is the frequency of these crashes. On my normal friday night gears 5 multiplayer binge I can expect to experience up to 3 crashes, which can be particularly annoying in a closely matched ranked game.

Once, the game froze and then my xbox series x shut-down without prompt. I’m unsure if it’s an xbox problem or gears problem. I’ve reached out to xbox for support and am also reaching out here. I’ve already followed the xbox game troubleshooting guide (18 steps) which included reinstalling the game and even resetting my console back to factory settings (yikes). Nothing yet has solved or even helped decrease the frequency of these freezes.

Hoping to get some help in debugging this issue further!

Not an expert but in my experience resetting your Xbox (power cord out and back in, that deal)

Or uninstalling, and then reinstalling the game wholesale.

I almost always use two hard drives so if games are corrupted, or if it has DLC installed on external and the main game on internal, whatever–tends to be an issue with it crashing loads (Happened most for For Honor and Fallout). But resetting everything to square one often nips an issue in the bud. If it doesn’t, it could be an issue with your Xbox itself.

This never happens in any fallout game…


Cant say ive ever had any issues with gears 5 on my series x, pretty sure theres a few topics already regarding this. Maybe search for these, might have the answer for you.

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Probably won’t get any support from TC but i’ve had issues with my older XboxOneX since the scorcher was added to the game.

It’s not just me. Happens to my friend and we notice teammates tend to get kicked if we don’t when an active scorcher hoses down the ground. Sometimes the game freezes, sometimes the xbox just turns off.

Again im just on an xboxonex, friend is on a OneS, not a series x.

Series S/X apparently have a manufacturing defect that is under warranty according to the countless threads over the past year or two about it.

Thanks, I’ve tried reseting the xbox + reinstalling the game, no luck yet!


I’ve heard this too, probably best course is to get in touch with MS, could be an Xbox issue not a Gears one.

I own two of the Series S consoles and not had an issue with either, one is about a year old the other is a few months old… but no frame of reference for the Series X if that one happens to be more volatile or something.

Mine freezes now and then but don’t kick me out of game.
I had one where I was at the top of blood drive, the game froze for about 20 seconds and once it started again I was down from being hit by a grenadier elite.

Hi all,

I just sat down to play another game - No Man’s Sky, and the same behavior was observed. This is leading me to believe this is more likely a console issue. I’m following up with Xbox and soon microsoft.

Thanks for the support,

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