Gears 5 Future Quitter System ideas

 Okay, I have some ideas maybe we could discuss on how we should think TC should punish quitters in the upcoming operation.

Firstly, I would like say that if a teammate of yours quits you shouldn’t lose GP points EVER. Losing points due to teammates is still very shocking to me.

   Secondly, I think all quitters should instead take all the GP loss if you quit. For example, if a Teammate quits and leaves you in 4v5 and you lose, you and your team that stayed would receive their GP back for the Match entered in, as well as the QUITTER would receive how much the whole team would have lost by a times of 4. This imo would limit quitters as rank to most gears players is a significant flex.

Lastly, there needs to be some kind of Forfeit system and the forfeit votes need to be unanimous before a forfeit in game occurs. Some people might disagree but I personally am tired of eating 20+ mins of my time in a for sure loss. The winning team would get their entry fee back plus any stats accumulated during the match would also count towards any GP That would’ve been awarded.
Any feedback on this from you guys would be very appreciated and I hope we can work together in this thread to help TC figure out the best approach for a quitter system.


It’s actually really simple to fix, surprised nobodies done it already

Every copy of the game comes with a chair you must be sitting in to join a ranked match and all shackles an straps need to be tight, they have sensors so TC can tell.

A router and ethernet will also be supplied, this device can recognise a lead being pulled and applies voltage directly to the chair in the event it’s pulled

If you dash, or power down, the new pad, also supplied, will recognise this and apply the appropriate voltage to your brain

Obviously said voltage increases the more you quit, eventually, somehow or another removing rampant quitters from the gears populace

Your welcome

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Sounds good OP… Approved! :scroll:

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