Gears 5: From Launch Till Now

I’ll just start off by saying… Gears 5 is a really good game.
From the campaign to the current versus. Of course it has issues and a serious lack of content such as maps. I’m not going into specifics about cosmetic items that have no effect on the game itself.
Here are some high points of Gears 5 that seem to be ignored:

  • Performance, Gears 5 is the best performing title to date with 60 FPS and smooth as butter movement.

  • Graphic, from the grey and brown to the deep textured colors of Sera is certainly a treat on the eyes.

  • Maps, Gears 5 has some very good maps that have become instant classics such as District and Vasgar.

  • Escape, I have never been a fan of co-op modes in the Gears Of War but Escape is a very fun and tense experience with great rewards for climbing the leaderboard.

  • Campaign, last but not least. The campaign in Gears 5 is the best in the franchise closely in front of Gears 2.

It has become so human nature in this time to dwell on the negative and not the positive of all the good that Gears 5 has to offer. We have employees at TC that listen and try to make the game and experience better everyday.

I appreciate your time, ears, and communication.

Thank you!


Its major problem is the servers, period.

To me this is the most boring Gears game I’ve ever played. Repeptive maps, lack of amazing skins and a huge lack of good characters.

There’s more negatives than positives in my opinion.
But everyone to their own.

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This made my heart bleed. I’m loss for words.

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Gears 2 and 3 had amazing campaigns.

Rift Worm. That is all.

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The maps while in some ways are better than 4’s, are dumpster fires in terms of gears maps.
They only beat out 4’s because they have more cover (just), pity 90% of that cover just leaves you exposed to the lancer.