Gears 5 freezing on PC after new Nvidia update

Gears 5 freezing after in Nvidia update. I have a GeForce 1060 6 GB, 16 gigs of RAM,i5 6400, 500gb ssd and 1tb of storage. Which is well more than enough to play the gameI’ve tried all my settings, Uninstalling and different drivers and nothings working HELPP!!

You don’t need to use the new driver. The new drivers are for the new games. Often, they mess up the old games that were working fine before, too. So there’s no point in using the new driver unless you own one of the new games in the driver’s description. I just keep the latest driver that was made for the newest game I play. For example, the Gears 5 driver is 436.30.

I m useing that card on laptop with new drivers and is working just fine

Try to check your temp its meybe overheating now and thats is a problem

My normaly temp when playing iš 82 c if į get more than that i get lag spykes but playable

Didn’t work help

Ten remove complete drivers and go to youre pc website likę my msi laptop so į donwload from there lastest graf drivers for me its 477.17 2020.03… but my lag spykes still are problem

Didn’t work for me :confused: my friend having same issue

Did you uninstall the new driver first using DDU?