Gears 5 Forum Mods

did you know if the moderators delete your post they are 100% gay

I think you’re deficient in Iron.

But you’re in luck,

Head over to the Gears 5 store to top up :slight_smile:


I’ve already bought 30,000 iron to feed my addiction

eh, there’s some people here that sustain themselves on reporting posts that hurt their feelings.

I got 2 posts deleted that I put alot of time into and that were pretty funny. I want a message from the mod at the very least explaining why is was deleted and who did it.

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Those are rookie numbers.

Gotta pump those number up.


Over 150,000 Iron.

Hey, you leave @GhostofDelta2 outta this, he’s a forum treasure!!!


I’m going to be closing this due to content of OP.

The nature of your posts and threads tend to have excessive trolling and sometimes they do go far or over the line. So I wouldn’t be surprised they were deleted, here and there. Only Senior Mods can delete them. Mod actions aren’t really supposed to be questioned and they have the right to remove any content, usually for good reasons.

In case you haven’t read the Guidelines, they are here.