Gears 5 for PC - an absolute mockery

Has anyone compared the version of the game for Console with the version for PC? These are two completely different games:

Gnasher often just doesn’t fire or does little damage.
Too long delay after animation.
Impossible wall bounces (Gears 4 was even worse. With classic-alt scheme you just stand still).

But TC has time to draw 19 rainbow flags… Apparently, they have such priorities.

This is not a game - it’s just rubbish.


they were so worried to create a POLITICALLY CORRECT GOW Game , that they forgot to create a good GOW man in the process…

I hope the lgbt people would be suffice for them in terms of earnings since I don’t see much of the community or fan base playing this dumb game.

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I have no issues with playing on PC. Actually I play better on it.


If you just play this game, you won’t feel the difference. If you try to use the tricks of professional players - nothing good will come of it.

I play on PC. The shot gun right now is absolutely useless!

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TC broke the gnasher last update and are well aware of it.
Wallbouncing is fine.

Not sure what the LGBT flags have to do with anything, artists don’t code or fix bugs.

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1.- You need use the GNASHER similar to “Gears 4 competitive mode”. I said this multiple times Gears 4 competitive gnasher is a “5” in terms of power and Gnasher of gears 5 is a “7”.

So if you try play like Gears 3&4 with strong gnasher u will be nothing more than a beatitiful “Tree” a delicious Free kill

2.- Only if you know “What you are doing play on pc” if you dont even know how install windows 10 just go back to play on XBOX.

Im running Gears 5 atm on Medium-Settings quality to 200-220 FPS on my 240hz monitor my game runs Very-Smooth using 435.15 nvidia drivers zero crashes or issues. Also i have 32 gb of ram and im not “using pag file” to avoid the recent bug

3.- On my Country i dont need buy a VPN service but if i was on europe,/Asia i will buy a VPN to play on brasil servers or mexican servers where 95% of the playerbase is

I never had a single issue with the shotgun. Maybe I just have great accuracy

Bro you could have dumped on Escape for how many updates it got, but nah let’s poke at the pride flags.
You do know the design team aren’t the programmers for the gameplay, right?

On console I’ve had issues with the Gnasher not dealing damage despite me firing before I get gibbed. I heard the last update screwed with it, that might be a reason.

And what do you mean by “impossible”?

Interesting. For the majority of us hit detection is unbearably bad. Point blank shots not gibbing. Shotgun firing blanks. Random input lag.

Are you using MNK or a controller?

When I played Gears 4 I used Tourney scheme - was fine, I think so. But when I switched to Classic-Alt scheme - I just stood still and could not make consecutive bounces from the walls.

Now in Gears 5 with Classic-Alt I get the right bounces. But I still feel that not all of my bounces are registered, I still feel the delay. Sometimes I stand against the wall at point blank range - I click A - attracted to the wall - cancel the action with a stick back - again press A and stay standing still. I click again and nothing happens.

In other modes (except Versus), for example, in the Horde (+Escape +Arcade) - I can’t do short and fast wall bounces at all - I have to wait a certain time for my click A to be registered.

I play both. Do great with both.i occasionally have bad games but don’t believe it has to do with the gnasher. I play different settings also with both. I just never encountered any issues or felt anything off

Thats interesting you own the game or play off of game pass?

Gamepass but don’t see owning or being a subscriber has to do with a gnasher issue

I wondered if that was due to a mix of map design and camera tech, where you still need to “aim” the camera toward your wall destination but a certain distance is required to register a cover slide.

I’m trying classic-alt (I play default because I love fast vaults) on Asylum and I have better luck at the Library with fast bounces than I do on the stairs near Longshot spawn, which is making me think it’s map having certain places harder to fast bounce. The “inaction” due to not being close to the wall you want, so you might have aim your camera to get the rhythm going.

Me neither just trying to see your setup as you are one of the few not having issues.

I envy you.

I play on PC and have a ton of issues with consistency. Saturday/Monday have been a disaster this week with hit registration issues and shots not going off. Sunday was fine for some reason. The thing is that this issue happens to both console and PC players. It’s currently just in a state of brokenness and needs a fix immediately.

@Drinkands_im, I got on for 3 more matches after we spoke earlier. The lag was still horrendous and unplayable. I hit the enemy leader in the chest with a Boomshot from a distance and when it exploded on his chest I exploded and he lived. I should have recorded it but out of pure shock and frustration I just dropped my controller and headset and walked away.

The matchmaking on pc is horrible. As a gamepad pc player , i seem to only get matched up with new players or put into high pinged games. For the first time last night around 6-7 pm est it took 7 minutes to find a koth game. Need input matchmakinhg asap

What we need is crossplay toggle to disappear and force it. The input advantage in this game is actually beneficial to the controller player but console fanboys won’t admit this.