Gears 5 - First impression: disappointed

Having waited for Gears 5 for weeks/months I finally got to play the first act of the Campaign. Must say it is better as Gears 4. Yesterday I wanted to give my all time fav Horde a go (note that this is the only type of MP I do on ANY game). I’m very disappointed given the fact that no there is no basebuilding to speak of (you can’t build anything meaningful). I understand that they wanted to avoid heavies/scouts etc buying stuff when the engineer can do it cheaper… BUT what when the engineer gets disconnected after 15 rounds (network error / just quiting)… then you are f*cked. In the past you could still buy the laser gun (don’t remember the name) and help your team out. Now you can’t. You could try to compensate by having 2 Del’s / engineers but… you can’t have duplicates.

Also I’m disappointed that after a couple of hours of horde yesterday I still haven’t found the original grenades (the regular one or the toxic one). I just find a single stun grenade once in a while. I remember in GOW 2 / 3 / 4 first thing you’d do when a wave is over is run out get ammo et stick a couple of grenades on tactical places. That’s out of the window.

Then I started to read this forum and found out that the creators deleted turrets entirely (I knew something was missing) so gone are the days that you could help your team out when a Brumak wants to overrun your stronghold.

Now, I only made it to wave 32-33 but I havent’t encountered gigantic bosses like in GOW 4. Even those big guys with mulchers I can count them on one hand. What’s up with this.

In GOW4 after each match you’d get those crates which you could open on your own time and they would have useful cards. Now after a match they throw it all in your face. Then you have to go into the custom lobby for Horde just to select the cards you want to equip.

Another complaint: what’s up with the blackout after each wave, you can’t do anything, everything gets blurred out, what’s the point, I could be scavenging the map.

Tried also Escape, now this is a piss poor mode, no excitement, boring, more looking for a gun with some ammo than actual shooting…

As it is I’ll give it another go today and also will complete the campaign. But just to be sure I’ve just started a new download of GOW4 on my Xbox to get a decent Horde-experience in case this does’nt get resolved fast.