Gears 5 FFA lobby search

This is ridiculous. I searched like three times in FFA. What’s the big ideal here? Is it 2 minutes or not? Broken lobby/lobbies for FFA

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Gotta have 14 people searching at the same time. Just not popular on ranked.

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TDM needs to be back in Rank. Add wing man, and FFA gnashers only.

TDM is getting added back after pre season.
FFA is being reduced to 8 Gnashers only I believe

sweet. That’s what I wanted to hear.

It’s your rank. I have the same problem in grid iron. Can’t find matches.

That’s weird. It is the opposite for me.

That’s why it shouldn’t be in ranked.

Too many players with different ranks trying to be matched up.

Communities small enough as it is.

This is a good social warm up for the real ranked battles.

A good mode. Don’t get me wrong.

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