Gears 5 FFA Custom Tournament, 5/14/2022 @10PM EST

Hello all, “Yuri’s Famous Gears Stadium” presents the inaugural cash prize custom FFA tournament. A date has finally been set. Friday, May 13th @ 10PM EST. Cash price pool is as follows:

1st Place- $30

2nd Place- $15

3rd Place- $5

In order to RSVP and lock your place in for the tournament, simply click the link below and join the discord server and accept the event invite. All skill level allowed, PC players are welcome, and anything goes in the tournament. Use whatever cheap tactic-- anything in your arsenal to win. Stake your claim and etch your name in tournament history, and earn the top prize! This tournament is just the beginning, as this tradition is set to continue every month with a larger price pool each time!