Gears 5 FFA 8 player count is so disappointing - Bots forced on in custom

I just got on today and holy s*** am I so Disappointed with 8 player FFA in Customs.

Not only do you force bots in this game mode, but it is literally horrible for custom games. What the heck TC? I thought this was supposed to be essentially just an FFA that allows players to use every map in the game. No wonder people are still using 14 player FFA. It’s because you literally make this game mode completely un-customizable.

What ever happened to 999 score limit or 120 min time limit? Why do you force people to have bots in this mode? Do you not get how Customs work?

Look I’m sorry but wtf… Can we please change this? Seriously people, I’m so tired of TC doing this. To be clear, this anger that I’m showing is mainly towards the custom game experience, but it still matters. I love Custom games. They are one of my favorite things to do, but how can I enjoy a custom game when I can’t even take off bots or edit the score or time limit to something LONG LASTING…

Nobody wants to play with bots in these lobbies, seriously… Coalition, you can do alot of things right… But one thing you guys are absolute dog crap at, is making a solid custom game experience. You limit people so much. You force people to play with bots now, you don’t allow for unlimited scores and times, and you even restrict maps to one game mode FFA

The Custom Game experience should NOT be this restricting, please change this within the coming weeks. And please people, help a brother out. Like, share your thoughts, whatever you gotta do, but I really want this to change.

Mod edit: Removed opening to make it forum appropriate while maintaining the OP’s passionate feedback.


BUT You do not have the option to remove the bots so if that’s gonna throw you off fair warning. I actually can’t wait to set up some lobbies in this mode its gonna be a blast honestly.

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Making this the main thread as I am already seeing a bit of feedback on this issue, also changed the title to highlight a major issue.

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I’m a little confused on this reply.

The Moderator added it to this thread to make it the main thread as he was already seeing feedback

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With all due respect though, it isn’t just forcing bots. What about allowing players to customize the game mode? I mean, TC just… They don’t seem to understand what a Custom game is. Where is the max time limit of 120 and 999 score limit? Why has that been removed?

What I’m trying to say, is custom games should be customizable, and Gears lately has not been very good at that. I don’t know why, but with the addition of Custom Browser, you would think that something as basic as unlimited time or score would be in any mode for Customs.

However thanks for reading.

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I know there is more than one issue here, just trying to highlight a major one in the title , and then the original post goes into more detail :slight_smile:

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thanks mate. Appreciate it

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I never really play custom matches but I agree 100% the option to remove bots should definitely be available. I can imagine how it would ruin many matches with friends.

hey all.

Just a quick heads up, we updated the game this morning to give FFA 8 player full Custom option functionality (round time , number of kills to win, turn bots off, type of weapons etc). Enjoy!


Why only ffa? Why cant we get to change time limit, kills and such in other modes.

Im sure people like the other modes also and would like to change respawn timers to 0 seconds especially in guardian where u need a fast respawn for protecting leader.

I would like to have the ability to change, respawns to 0, dbno 0, increased match time(10 minutes max just now) set up a map rotation and play tdm gnashers only on 2v2 maps (possible in gears UE)

Nice to see u on the forums though👍

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Check that out mate. I am just curious if you’re still interested :wink:

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Thanks Dana :slight_smile:

Thanks dad

Turning on bots spawns 13 bots instead of 7.

Anthony Carmine’s helmet is still glitched in online FFA.

Why is it still forced Gnasher only? I remember other game modes having Gnasher only as an option.

I preferred the torque bow tag personally.

Gnashed and longshot only.modes get a bit dull sometimes.