Gears 5 fatal error

The game crashes and stops working on nvidia 1080 ti on new drivers and I even tested the new drivers on another new pc same issue with the 1080 ti on that one as well why has this issue still here since gow4 will they ever fix the game to work correctly with nvidia cards or there gonna do half as jobs and basically just not do anything and will just have to be on old drivers to make it work fix this issue TC u guys don’t do chit I swear this why ur pc fans leave and even now ur Xbox fans are leaving gears 5 ranks low on most Xbox games played u guys never fix nothing and nothing ever gets done why why why!!! I’m fkn sick of ur chit I’m here to support the old franchise and the game but y’all takeing gears down hill


1080 Ti here as well.
I’m getting crashes and black screen during the cinematics that come after the boss at the end of Chapter 2, so i can’t get into Chapter 3 at all.

Fresh Windows installation, fresh drivers and my PC is pretty much a beast.

TC have really ■■■■ the bed with this release.

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Go to nvidia and get the August 27th driver for 2019 436.15 released on the August 27th 2019 this driver has no crashes I been on this one from the beginning and test the new drivers but if they crashed I revert back to the old one and works like a charm 436.15 on my 1080 ti works with no issues

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cheers for the info, man. appreciate.

still TC are not off the hook at all.

moreover, the sound issue still hasn’t been solved.

i’m using my jack for the headphones because i can’t use the USB cable for them.

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Make sure when installing nvidia drivers choose custom not express and click on the option fresh installation located at the bottom is a check mark option or use DDU before u put the old drivers just to insure the new drivers are completely uninstalled and the old ones get installed with no problems :slight_smile: also when u launch gears 5 with this driver 436.15 it will give some pop up msg just click ok and play gears 5

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tried 436.15 and 436.30…can’t get passed the HoD satellite launch cinematic… getting the 502 error now…jesus ■■■■ man…i truly hate it when devs ■■■■ the PC community over with ■■■■ like this.

(clean installation on both)

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Yeah they need to fix this and they wonder why there pc community is low because of bs like these try turning off any overlays like msi after burner Microsoft game bar and recordings and nvidia captures and screen overlays and steam as well any overlays this is the last thing u cn try before u just call it quits and u done all u cn do now is a waiting game when will tc fix these issues I think never gears of war 4 still crashes and hasn’t got fix for any of the new drivers

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