Gears 5 "Faction Wars"

Idea came from Mk X , I think we can have something like this in Gears

COG Faction: Since we already have so many picking a character won’t be hard
The Locust Faction: have a variety of characters as well.

The Swarm Faction: we also have some playable ones , I’m sure it would be more

The UIR Faction: just need some more to have enough to choose from “Paddok” can be added since many want him to be playable again

Let’s not forget some like the Locust Savages they can have their own Faction

Now with the introduction on the infected Deebees I think will be enough (Characters)

The Outsiders Faction: can be added too mainly because the “Stranded” can be included, wanna play as stranded? Well there you go.
And last but not least the Lambet Faction never playable character in any game. would be awesome to play as them and wage war against other factions.
NOTE: You can be playing as Cog,Locust,Deebee,Swarm,UIR,characters in MP but your emblem will tell which Faction you are and fighting for example down below

  • By completing daily challenges example
    Get 50 kills with lancer , complete 5 MP matches , earn MVP in 3 matches and so on that will earn you experience for you and your faction
  • By leveling up will help your Faction too
  • At the end of 7 days the Faction with more exp wins and rewards can be given

This is just a couple of my ideas
Hope for some feedback from all of you it’s Faction Wars its Good or Bad idea?

I like Humans v Other Organisms.

Breaking humans up has already happened pre-gears 1.

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