Gears 5 exploits

I notice there’s an exploit for gears 5 horde mode and another for escape mode. Is there an eta to rectify this?

What Horde exploit? Going to areas where the bosses can’t follow because of how the map is made isn’t exactly an “exploit” if you ask me, since the map was designed in such a way.

Though I do know what this Escape stuff is about through a friend. But I don’t care to make use of it. Getting faster Escape progression isn’t going to make the game more enjoyable for me.

It has to do with KAT, halo character, ultimate ability. Somehow certain players can keep her holograms permanently in the horde map. Imagine her decoys are all over the map and no enemies are shooting at you…

There seems to be a similar issue with Emile’s bubble shield. I experienced it on Vasgar last night where a presumed troll decided to permanently make those things right in front of our Sentries. Which resulted in enemies breaching the base and almost making us fail on wave 26. After that wave the host of that custom match just ended the match because it ended up somewhat breaking the game. That’s something that really needs fixing.

I had Macs ultimate never run out on one playthrough of escape. It was awesome. Having a never ending shield barrier in front of you. I have no idea what caused it. And I’ve tried to mimic it but have been unsuccessful. I thought maybe activating during a reload, or uping someone at the same time caused. Too bad I can’t figure out what caused it.

TC has a major bug fixing patch planned for early October, Hopefully this will fix it :slight_smile:

Closing as we don’t want to talk about exploits here.