Gears 5 Execution Troubles

Point is as same as Title.

  1. Why isn’t Curb Stomp available as a fast execution, instead of holding it?
  2. There isn’t any option to change the Lancer Chainsaw / Retro Charge back to holding B?
  3. Why do I keep reloading after getting shot during a Chainsaw Rev?
  4. Snapped Execution is listed as ’ Essentials ’ Yet isn’t available to earn/purchase anywhere.
  5. Armed & Dangerous Execution is listed as ’ Starter ’ Yet isn’t available to earn/purchase anywhere.
  6. Pummel Execution is listed as ’ Essentials’ Yet isn’t available by default, nor to earn/purchase aside from the Talon Auto-pistol.

Unrelated to the Topic, but;

  1. Halo/Terminator characters unavailable to earn/craft, yet they have abilities in Horde/Escape, Yet Dom, From just about every GoW game doesn’t have any?
  2. What’s the point of playing on higher difficulty Escape/Horde matches if you cannot earn rarer cards as a low level character/class?
  3. Will Batista / The Batista Bomb ever become available as a store item, or re-earnable via login, ever again?
  4. Exclusivity, Will the previous Tour Of Duties’ rewards ever become available as store-bought items, or earned via challenges? And I still haven’t gotten any of my Gilded Characters yet, almost a year after launch.
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I was just telling my friend a week or two ago how much I miss the golf club execution from 2. Short, simple, and sweet.


Yeah, admittedly I wish they brought the OLD Markza Execution back from Judgement, and the Booshka (In General.)

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DOM is the victim of them changing course and going back to GoW 4 horde before he was finished coding gears 5 style. It’s not an oversite it’s the decision to release skins with no underlying character while they re-wrote PvE so that they could get more out faster and try to quiet people mad that new skins were too slow to come by.
In Op5 he’ll be playable as JD or Marcus or Kait or whoever, as will the halo characters.
This also means that effort put into leveling up the Halo characters may be time wasted since they have such few cards and thus will likely never get played again…

To be honest, The Halo Characters have more cards than the terminator characters, The Terminator chars only have literally about 6-8 cards total. And one of Graces cards is absolutely useless if you don’t have Sarah with you.

Though, i’m glad that i’ll finally get to use the dropshield as Marcus, or something like that.

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