Gears 5 eu ladder (reporting no shows, but they have been given the win?) wtf

We had a game today at 4:30pm we messaged the other team, NUMEROUS times, they finally responded at 5pm (our time, 6pm their time) after we had uploaded results that they were a no show.

He messaged me claiming the game is at 5:30pm (what is true in their German time zone) but it would’ve been 6pm in Germany at that point. (it’s as if ge expected me not to know the time zone difference)

They asked us to wait till 5:30pm/6:30pm (our time/their time) what we declined as results had already been reported.

We have stuff to do, other than wait an hour for a team that cba to show up on time.

Check the website and results have changed from us winning/them forfeiting to them winning 1-0 what would surely be impossible.

Who can you report this to, to be addressed?

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