Gears 5 esports reveal: Consolidation thread

Morning fellow Gears.
So it is 4am UK, I’m awake still thinking over what I saw in the big reveal last night.

I though it might be a good idea to have one thread solely about our thoughts on Gears 5, and specifically what we Watched yesterday.

Moving forward, this is not a place to discuss the debacle that was “no show Kait” as we have plenty of those threads already. Also we can come back to the thread after todays matches.

I have looked and can not find a n existing thread with the same aims,

So Gears 5…

I was wanting to be wowed and I was not.
I just don’t think I like TC’s takes on the maps and that goes for 4’s overall as well.
Where are out dirty,grimy and grubby maps. Someone on here mentioned they reminded them of Fortnite maps, I see what they mean.

As for having 3 maps from 4 with NO innovation or changes, that is really very poor. I can not overestimate how unbelievable that it. I understand what RC said and we will have to wait until release to see, but again this was the showcase and much like the totally lacklustre E3 reveal not only did it not excite me, it actually managed to do the opposite.

I will add more thoughts later and hopefully we can get a discourse going for TC to read ?

To close (for now) I still don’t like the new omen…

Locust Forever



  • Hunter Elite looks and sounds great, almost like a deeper voiced kantus, definitely a fav
  • New lancer looks good
  • I’m very much in favor of all the new reticles
  • Sound design, especially headshots
  • District looks good (visually)
  • Boltok and Markza are more accurate due to spread being gone and thus look more fun to use
  • Overall (minus the omen) it looks like an improvement over 4


  • THE OMEN, or more specifically the red around it, I’m fine with the omen itself
  • Map layout design so far is very boring (thanks esports!)
  • Training Grounds is visually unappealing
  • A certain animation being removed… :triumph:

I’ll hold my judgment about the Gears 4 maps until its confirmed that they’re actually in 5.

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2 new maps
New swarm definetly looks cool
Sorry TC dislike
New omen,

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  • New maps
  • Weapon reticles
  • Lancer’s new sound
  • New swarm design


  • New omen. Especially those red borders, that are so annoying

  • The removal of a new roadie running animation

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That’s exactly how I felt. I was so upset to witness there was absolutely NO changes to Foundation and that it looks EXACTLY like GoW4 version. I Certainly hope someone puts together a video on the 2 being played side by side because this honestly just makes me believe that GoW5 is a copy paste of GoW4 with a few new updates. It’s so depressing man…

This is sort of off topic but I don’t understand what’s wrong with games being influenced by popular games. Before anyone attacks this post I’m aware there are a lot of things to take into factor like “Gears should only be gears, not Fortnite” or “They are 2 different type of settings for games” and I get that, I wouldn’t want something like GoW battle royal but I don’t see the problem with incorporating perks that clearly grab the attention of players from different games. I’ve noticed this especially with Gears of War players, none of us like change.

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