⚙️ Gears 5 esports Major 3 stream next Swarm Winter Character

What do you think what will be the next Gears esports Swarm Winter Character well I think it be one from my list.

Swarm Winter

Swarm Grenadier
Swarm Imago

It’s pretty sad that they cant even give us more BS or CS skins, if we are gonna waste our time on these streams, could it at least be a BS skin or a CS one?


CS? no. they have to make them. BS? port that ■■■■ lol.

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Thanks for this.

I’m now seriously agitated with overwhelming excitement in anticipation.

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Of course, it would be Swarm.

Reyna :crossed_fingers:

Black steel Hoffman :sob::sob::sob:

Image result for meme star wars own man

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