Gears 5 escape the mist master difficultly in 2x speed lol

gotta love baird laugh lol


I’m not big on gimmicks so I didn’t finish the video. I’m boring so I don’t like anything extra for solo runs. The run alone is good enough for me.

Nevertheless, this is a fun hive to solo, very good job!
I solo’d this as well some time ago with the same class and it’s one of my favorite runs for sure.

thanks i watch your videos too, im trying the the choke with protector damn juvies annoying lol

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Just shoot them w/gnasher. You may get in trouble if you try to mele them. After saferoom is breaker mace and you can grab it to get damage resistance.

got it, i keep dying last night like 30 times, which should i remove 28 seconds recharge or the shotgun mod effects lol

Nice work! You shouldn’t need the gnasher card simply to shoot juvies. They are so low health as it is.

ah ok so keep the 28 sec recharge kill instead

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