Gears 5 Escape Questions

After seeing the Escape gameplay I’ve got a lot of questions. I wasn’t able to make it to a Microsoft store to try the game hands on so you may be able to answer some of these question if you did.

  1. Will we be able to turn off health bars, damage numbers, hit markers and mini map in Escape and other game modes they appear in?

  2. When making a custom hive for Escape will we only be able to use enemies from the Gears 4 and 5 or will we be able to use classic Locust and possibly Lambent enemies?

  3. Is their a maximum size for the custom hives? I know Rod mentioned Escape is meant to be a shorter game mode than Horde but is their potential to make a hive that takes 2 hours to escape?

  4. What are the limitations of the map editor? Could I have 1000 wardens on a map as long as I can beat it or is there a cap of some sort?

  5. It’s been stated that there are 5 ways to play. Is the map editor considered to be one of the 5 or is there a game mode that hasn’t been revealed yet?

Bonus question : When will Baird be an Escape character?

Thanks for any questions you can answer.

I need instant gratification on the thing that was just briefly mentioned yesterday.

Can I port over all my Call of Duty Ghosts’ Extinction mode stats? I mean it’s the same game with new skins so I don’t see why not. lol

Sadly, I don’t actually think that’s going to work here.

  1. As far as I know yes to all except the mini map and hit markers. I don’t know about those two, it could be possible.
  2. Would be lovely to include the Lambent and Locust but don’t count on it.
  3. I imagine that the intention is to keep it short. Perhaps if the community demands it, they’ll allow bigger versions
  4. There will definitely be caps. I don’t think anyone should expect to run into 1000 wardens.
  5. Unknown as far as I am aware.

Bonus: Maybe, maybe not. And they most likely won’t just announce new characters. Expect them to come either per character or as a couple of characters in specific times - like a couple of weeks or months. I expect that at the beginning they won’t be releasing any extra’s because a) let people get used to the mode first and b) let people get used to the new characters. Introduce characters like Marcus, Baird and Kait straight from the start and the others will most likely be pushed to the brink of usage.