Gears 5 Escape: Master Solo - The Gatekeepers (Protector, OP7)

I know that we have the solo thread, but I honestly am so proud of this that I feel like it still deserves it’s own thread:

This was the toughest completion I’ve done so far, as it took me the past week and a half’s worth of evenings to grind out, which tops the time I spent on even my Surge runs. I made VERY slow progress each night I attempted this. Literally each and every single fight took me about a day to figure out how to pass, especially since eventual framerate drops would prevent further progress and kill my runs after restarting too many times for hours straight.

From figuring out what Scion roll I wanted to get weapons that can better help deal with the Sentinel and Guardian, to learning how to fight the Swarmak, and learning the movement patterns so I could manipulate all the above, as well as simply having perfect RNG, this hive was a long struggle, and I am very proud to have conquered this challenge.

Protector can do quite a bit with just the melee Bleed (the Snatcher was the only routinely easy thing), but has no ranged damage increase of any sort and although the passive to heal off of Bleed damage is fantastic, the class is still otherwise extremely squishy and can easily be melted by rapid-fire ballistic weapons. I actually had to play WITHOUT the card Big Knife, because if I used the increased melee damage, I would kill Juvies too fast to benefit from the bleed-to-heal passive, and then very quickly get overwhelmed. That means that since there is no Gnasher on this hive, yes, I actually beat this with only 4 cards!

Cards used (All at level 6):

Bloody Blade
Close Range Recharge
Drop Shield Duration
Regenerative Field


I came here for the Swarmak, I was not disappointed by the rest. I presume most of the backup spawns that would have come with the Swarmak and at the exit were blocked by the ones of the previous room not being dead besides the first few Drone Elites? Given that for whatever reason, nothing seems to die to venom in that hive.

The Snatcher behavior is puzzling to me. Most of the time if I tried to go and melee it, it would just do the ground stomp(generally, not in that specific hive). Would you even have bothered trying if it was the Matriarch spawn instead?


Glad you enjoyed it!

I don’t think so, I believe it simply turns out that stuff just spawns in later once you actually get to that arena. There was a couple times I thought I had to fight my way out (had no idea at first that I could just simply run), and I got immediately surrounded and overwhelmed. It may be the case that spawns were blocked but I wouldn’t know as I wasn’t trying to manipulate spawns so much as I was desperately trying NOT to fight that second wave of enemies in the Snatcher room.

Yeah this part sucks. There were couple attempts where I tried to just leave a weak Scion behind or lock up a Flyer, but they never died to Venom. Instead, I did while waiting by the gate doors they had locked.

It seems that the spitting attack locks it into the animation, so you can easily get some free hits in while it does that. Believe it or not, I had no idea either until I tried soloing this hive.

Nope, not even worth it. Would take too much time, run out of ammo, is a tight space to try and avoid her in, and I can’t simply melee for the simplicity. Was an instant revert to lobby if I saw a Matriarch. Snatcher was the only way (and consistently easily at that).

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I’m relatively sure about it because there is usually a giant Popper/Juvie spawn immediately after killing the Swarmak. regardless of wave pattern, that I did not see appear in the run, and usually there is several smaller spawns of Juvies, Grenadier and Drone Elites that periodically come in as you fight the big boy(usually still lasts even after it’s dead, depends on how fast it is killed though). But you only got some Juvies and like one or two Grenadier Elites that bothered you while killing the Swarmak. Likewise for the end spawn while the doors close, normally it sends Drone Elites, Juvies and Poppers at you(I don’t recall if it also spawns Grenadier Elites). Saw none of that come out and I can only assume it was due to some of the first wave and all of the second wave in the Snatcher room still being alive, even if not intentionally used to block them.

Also, I want to know the secret to the flash stunning of the Swarmak. Whenever I would try to do so, no matter how many I throw or where they land, nothing happens.


The explanation is simple.

If you skip the second wave of enemies after killing Snatcher/ Matriarch ( Juvies and either Elite Snipers/
Elite Grenadiers and drones) , you won’t get Juvies spawn after killing Swarmak ( from that spawn on the left after supply room) .

Juvies spawn seems to be connected. If you don’t kill any before supply room, you want get any afterwards.

You will still get poppers that spawn further down but none will spawn immediately on the left after the supply room.