Gears 5 Escape: Master Solo - The End (Protector, NO DESPAWN)

For some reason my video didn’t record the audio, so I hope the music helps. Just some tracks from 4 and especially Judgement.

Something I decided to try for the heck of it. Took me a few days, and a lot luck. Even this successful run isn’t without a few hiccups. From whiffing shots and melees, to panicking with Salvos and having to clutch without one at the LZ, I was honestly surprised I won this one. But I figured I could do it, as my Solo on the Surge prepared me for this.

Cards used (all at level 6):

Bloody Blade
Close Range Recharge
Drop Shield Duration
Regenerative Field
Gnasher M45 Mod


There go my hopes of swooning over your voice.

In any case, fantastic effort!


At 4.06 I was convinced you were going to get stuck in that ridiculous kick melee when you are on the stairs in some maps lol.

I’d love to be able to so this, but I just don’t have the skills for it lol.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed watching it and really enjoyed the music.

Great stuff


Nice video, shows that the Protector class really is underrated (was my first class to max everything). A bit surprised you brought Gnasher damage instead of melee damage, but it worked.


Melee damage card will result in juvies dying in one hit. Juvies dying in one hit means you dont get any healing from them. Gnasher card had to be the play for this one.


Agreed i use to equipt the melee damage card for protector in escape but now i learned it does not result in healing on juvies so i took it off.


Protector and Striker should’ve gotten the same passive Blademaster has. Killing an enemy with bleed or melee damage will heal your for 50% of your max hp on top of what their passives are currently.


That would have been amazing.