Gears 5 escape ideas

I was think about a separate little ingame story for escape kind of like what zombies did with call of duty, so like the start of a new hive we get a Ingame cut sence, or even if it was every new oparation I know there’s comics but ingame just seems like it’s perfect

Apparently escape was supposed to have some story dlc according to some leaks in a video. Idk if it’s even a thing it feels like a spin off title is going to happen if anything.



Iv not hear about that but sounds like a good idea

The very first Escape map “The Hive” should have had its own unique cinematic featuring some canon story, maybe even some in-game dialogue which introduces the characters, the whole Hivebusters arc etc. This could have been canon. Subsequent Hives could have been non-canon in the same way Horde is non-canon, if you know what I mean. It’s just hard to care and feel invested about Keegan, Lahni and Mac without any real story. I know there’s the books, comics etc, but players need to have something in the game.

What I want from Escape is more environmentally challenging action packed hives. Like say one in a sloped collapsed metro tunnel that has a train car that rolls and crashes in your way from time to time. It’s all so very much the same at the moment.

TC would have to create new tiles for that. Would be cool, but don’t count on it.

Yea hopfull they realise what they have. A few story cinematics could get people excited from tour to tour and bring a bigger fan base will help content creaters