Gears 5 Escape changes that would put it in a pretty good spot

So I like escape for the most part because it’s a good challenge and it’s a unique gamemode which is great. The challenge is nice which horde really hasn’t had since the game has been out unfortunately. One thing that I would love to see in Escape is for TC to fix the way ironman works. Please make it start you at the beginning of the hive instead or forcing us to reload after failing. It’s wastes so much time and escape would be way better if it was fixed.

Hey @ZROD726 thanks for the feedback. This is addressed in next week’s patch. Iron Man in escape will only prevent pod respawns instead of booting players back to lobby.


Ok Thank you TC Michael. Glad to hear you guys are listening to community feedback. It’s very much appreciated and it doesn’t go unnoticed. This is a great thing and the game has so much potential if issues like these get fixed. Thank you

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This is great news!

Is the long loading time in the saferoom being addressed?

I hope not. I’m old, slow and crap that extended time let’s me calm down, drink some tea or go for a pee with my old man bladder :rofl:

50 wave horde should come with designated pee breaks!

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Great news. Although, if I’m reading this correctly, does this mean that iron man no longer makes you restart at the beginning? So in every hive, a safe room is a checkpoint?


They need to tweak the story.

Since the dawn of human generation we all were brought here because of a good story.

Everything else is a bonus.

I don’t mean to be rude or upfront.

But if they take feedback from us players, who play the game, hopefully they can try to relate to where we are coming from.

At least they finally acknowledged it, so they can’t pretend anymore that they’re unaware of it.

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