Gears 5 end boss glitch/problem

Is anyone else having this problem, or can someone help me, on the final kraken boss you have to beat the mouth tenticals while waiting for the big railgun on the left to charge, but everytime I try to use the gun it goes so slow I’m unable to get close to the mouth before been crushed, I’ve watched videos and everyone elses gun seems to move alot faster, I’ve tried shutting the game and turning the xbox off, but it doesnt fix the glitch, just annoying got so far and unable to complete the game

Difficulty level?

Are you taking cover up high to avoid being sucked in?

Didn’t have a problem with the gun but did get glitched on that damn boss. When re-spawning near last part, my character would start out by reloading, making it impossible for me to shoot the tonsils or whatever in time before dying. Had to quit and restart.

Yes, the big gun turret moves very slow. The way I did it on PC with KB/M is to stand behind that left gun while shooting the tentacles. It gives you more time to mount the gun and aim it, and is good cover. I also have a mouse with thumb buttons to increase DPI though, which makes the gun move a bit faster.

I’m pretty sure a lot of games allow for aim sensitivity adjustment with gamepads too though, just not sure whether you can do it quickly on the fly like with a DPI adjust mouse. It allows proper aim sensitivity on both tentacles and turret. You might be able to do it while the game is paused though.

I’ve not seen others saying it’s a problem in this fight, even on gamepad, so there must be a way to deal with it.

Basically I had an idea the next night, ive been waiting at the gun ready for them to say use it, I paused adjusted my game gun settings , it worked, annoying it was something so simple and yet effected the game, so many times I reapeated this mission, thanks all the same

Yeah that’s exactly what I was talking about. Doing it that way I even had time to to run now and then to the infinite ammo cache. Of course it’s nice to be able to make the adjustment quickly on the fly with a mouse though. There are many drawbacks to console and gamepad, that being one of them.