Gears 5 Empty launch

Ok well… Too much to discuss in terms of “What’s wrong with gears 5” it’s officially Sep 10 and when I get home, I will pray that a launch update is done and this game gets some major additions and improvements. I am literally to tired to put up with this crap and write a whole story about it so I’m just gonna list my issues with gears 5 along with many others.

-Lack of characters and skins for them as well as general content.
-No specter swarm which honestly was the only good looking version of them, NOBODY likes the sun burnt sea coral or another way to describe them I have heard is (walking Syphilis) LOL
-No locust
-No curb stomping
-Feels like GoW Judgement
-Graphics look worse on my 4K monitor than on GoW 4 which makes no sense but I promise I have no issue on my end of the hardware
-You can kill off del or JD… Ok…
-Emotes are not very fitting for the swarm and I can’t imagine locust… at least, at the moment
-constant disconnect issues
-now I don’t like the fact of being able to buy everything but if we can why do we have to wait days to do it on the operation unlockable thingy???

Much more I would love to discuss but break is over so I got to get back to work and the game just launched so much of this could be fixed but if not… then fix it. You earned my trust in GoW 4 but you completely disrespected me with this game… I trusted you coalition. I thought you guys were better than 343i. I hope this is just early and we don’t have to wait to long for stuff to get better…

Ok, I’m back from break now lol and I want to add more stuff so let’s get started.

Let’s ask some question or make some noise…

1.) Is black steel coming back?

2.) Why wasn’t golden hunter and onyx guards (Both genders) included in GoW 4 and is it coming to gears 5?

3.) Was the stalker armored Kantus a one time thing or is it coming back to gears 5?

4.) is general Karn making it to gears multiplayer?

5.) are you going to integrate the ability to curb stomp later in a update?

6.) when you guys bring back specter swarm please make the armor color a rich BLACK color instead of Velvet red or vintage lookin. Keep skin Snow White. It’s makes for better contrast.

7.) considering you added Emile and Kat from Halo Reach DO NOT STOP THERE. If it’s possible add the OFFICER ELITE from Halo Reach as well. Make sure it’s the officer elite if you can only choose one or a few cause officer elite almost everyone liked. The same cannot be said about the other elite armor’s. Put them on the swarm or even human. I would almost prefer human just cause elites and humans are now friends, And I like the color blue on the weapons better lol… and make sure it’s the same art style as reach. Cause almost nobody really cares for halo 4’s or 5’s art style. For good reason.

8.) Gears and halo have always seemed like brothers… But don’t be like 343i. They are one of the worst gaming dev’s right now, they completely destroyed halo almost beyond redemption. Don’t make the same mistakes they did.

9.) gears 5 launch concerns me and I don’t think it’ll go well due to a massive lack of content and the horrible reviews as well as the (what seems to me) a downgrade from gears 4…

agree 101 percent

I’m glad I appeal :wink:
Thx mate