Gears 5 Elemental Maps

This has been probably posted multiple times but as i’m bored and it’s currently 4:00 am i had a thought.

I think it would be unique to add a Map where you are inside of a Riftworm as someone else had suggested on a thread i can’t remember right now. Also a swarm hive based map with pods and such would also be a nice change of the battle field.

Back in GOW2 the was a map called Flood and it had imulsion closing in at certain intervals. I think adding in nature elements is pretty cool but GOW4 only really had one map like that which was Reclaimed Windflare but although i played it very few time it’s fun from time to time. Please add suggestion and thoughts.

A lot of the maps from the older games had this sort of effect, it would be nice if they brought this back for gears 5.


I would think it is likely we get some. I mean how can you have River* without it :wink:

*keep the faith.

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Did the river rise? I can’t remember.

“Flesh” an idea for a Gears map inside the Rift Worm where you could shoot certain parts of the worm to make it start to digest and kill people not in secure locations.

I would hope that it was my idea that got remembered, tear drop it makes me proud.

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River was a fun map in Gears 2 but it probably wont play very well in the newer game. It was built for the gears 2 mechanics. I would perfer to just see new maps.

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I think the could “evolve” the map. As we know they tried for 4. It was also going to be in 3 as dlc of course.

As for new maps, I agree, but we will be no doubt be getting Legacy maps as well, which I have no problem with. I just would prefer maps we have only seen once or twice at most.

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Hi mate, do you know I have forgotten myself. I think it does but doesnt inpeade the power weapon collection. If any Gearhead can confirm re River and the err…river bit.

I will play it today and double check. As you are no doubt aware Gears 2 and 3 had several maps with weather/effects that could change the battlefield.
Hopefully we get the some new ones in Gears 5

I can confirm the river did not rise. You are probably thinking of Flood where the imulsion did rise.

@Duffman_GB Confirmed it for ya :slight_smile:

Dont forget about Harbor Haze. I would really like the Idea of something like Gears3 - Forces of Nature DLC´s coming Back to Gears5 they were freaking Awesome

Some maps with rain would also be cool like how Subway was or mansion.

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I’ve been playing the Borderlands games again and was reminded those games use Unreal and they have day/night cycles constantly running so there’s no excuse for another Impact Dark type of fiasco. Just make all maps with dynamic lighting and weather effects.

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