Gears 5 Easter Egg?

i might have discovered an Easter Egg. My Gamertag is Crobragon. The Easter Egg is a callback to JD from when he runs through the chairs and starts to yell all crazy and mad. This is the video. Please inform me if this is an Easter Egg.

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Anyone catch when Baird says ‘it’s stuck on 83%’ Well we all know why that’s significant :smirk:

Haha do tell

Keeping this as the active thread.

I just love that TC quoted this in the game. Perfect easter egg.

I discovered this easter egg awhile back and made a post about it too wondering if it was one or not.

I did the same. i think it is.

Did you find the fish stick one?

There’s another (small) easter egg that I have a hunch it could lead to something bigger:
In act 1 at the hotel, after the stealth section with the infected deebees and before you enter the ballroom, you’ll find a table with some balloons behind it.

If you shoot the blue one in the middle bunch it’ll play a whistle SFX, while the others will just pop. My guess is that if there’s something else hidden in this part, it could have something to do with a specific order of balloons to shoot.

Still have to come back to that part and try some combinations whenever I get some spare time, lol.

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Yeah I did, I think Clayton says it though.

The reason for my multiple threads was because i was hoping for an actual response from TC… but i gues that’s not happening…

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I just heard this, it’s Baird says it. Brought a small wry smile to the face. :grin: