Gears 5 downloading 65 gigs for an update

WTF this is the second time it happens to me, supposedly to be downloading an update but its downloading the whole game.

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Ya you got something borked there. The update was only 300mb.

Yeah me too, pissed right off with it. Has it something to do with me using a second hard drive & not the C drive where the windows store has to be ??

I dont have it on my system drive and i never had this problem.

Thanks, thats not it then, no idea, but if its going to download every time its going to be a pain. Its the only game in my windows store to do that, no idea why, but im not the only one…

I had this happend to me with Gears 4 but funny things was i actually had it installed when it wanted to be installed in the first place. I think the reason was i did try to manually move it so i could escape radownloading it but i didnt work out ;p

I have the same problem.