Gears 5 Double Melee! [VIDEO]

Have a look for yourselves:

I haven’t seen anyone discuss this on these forums, so what do you think?

I’d like to see it in action in Versus. Obviously since it’s three hits to down, the damage has been nerfed. Despite this I can see this double melee being spammed and I’m definitely not looking forward to it. I don’t understand why they made this change…

“If it ain’t broke…••

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“Just use a Gnasher.”

But Horde? This is suicide. No one in the right mind would knife melee enemies on higher difficulty unless they could tank damage with high health pool. Like the Scout’s Brawler skill from Gears 4 Horde.

And Escape? Well you’ve probably seen Lahni’s Scout special ability with electro-blade knife.

I noticed that melee in the E3 gameplay but i honestly don’t think it would be to bad for versus since melee doesn’t work at all and you will be killed with the gnasher even if get a hit. its like a kill trade but only you die when you try to melee

I didn’t see a single melee kill In eLeague either. Except two guys melee’d each other when round ended and one went downed.

I don’t think melees are that quick in succession for Versus, are they? I saw a few melees during the invitational, but never anything like this. I did it pretty often in Escape though. Maybe it’s only for PvE or direct frontal hits or something.

There was definitely some 2 piecing going on day 1 of the tournament anyway. The announcer (can’t remember who) even asked "is 2 piecing back?

I hope not! :-1:

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Hopefully. It would cause more problems than anything else in Versus.

I saw a knife+gnasher two-piece on District. One of the best players as Swarm, and he dominated a COG player.

Confirmed, the Double-Melee is for PVE only and therefore not in Versus.


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tbh i think melee needed buff from gears 4 , but now it looks so fast with low recovery time after it …